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Structural Reform sentence examples within agricultural supply side

Intelligent Internet of Things Technology in Agricultural Environment Monitoring

Research on the Path of Improving the Service Quality of Rural E-commerce Logistics in Jilin Province Based on Computer

Structural Reform sentence examples within total factor productivity

From the Demographic Dividend to the Reform Dividend

Tunisia after the 2011’s revolution: Economic deterioration should, and could have been avoided

Structural Reform sentence examples within social security contribution

Labor Market Size and Firms’ Social Security Contribution Rate in China

Structural Reform sentence examples within Side Structural Reform

The Role of Financial Supply-side Structural Reform in Real Economic Development is Explored

A Study on the Coupling Coordination between Forestry Production Efficiency and Regional Economic Development in China

Structural Reform sentence examples within Implement Structural Reform

Italy ∙ Brief Overview on Latest Intervention on Italian Public Procurement Discipline Aimed at Hindering the COVID-19 Economic Crisis

The conference on the future of Europe: obstacles and opportunities to a European reform initiative that goes beyond crisis management

Structural Reform sentence examples within Require Structural Reform

Implementation of Six Sigma Method To Improve Hospital Discharge Process: A Before-And- After Study With The Control Group In A Large Hospital


Structural Reform sentence examples within Important Structural Reform

Reform Policy to Increase the Judicial Efficiency in Italy: the Opportunity Offered by EU post-Covid Funds

Innovations in the national household random sampling in Brazilian National Health Survey: results from Starfield and Shi’s adult primary care assessment tool (PCAT)

Structural Reform sentence examples within Introduce Structural Reform

One or Trine: The (possible) impacts of the PEC 45/2019 on Brazilian fiscal decentralization

Trade potential under the SAFTA between India and other SAARC countries: the augmented gravity model approach

Structural Reform sentence examples within Slowing Structural Reform

Acute or Chronic? the Long-Term Impact of the COVID Crisis on Economic Output

Policies in Hard Times: Assessing the Impact of Financial Crises on Structural Reforms

Structural Reform sentence examples within Necessary Structural Reform

Recovery from the current crisis and development paths of the Russian economy

Greece Before and After the Euro: Macroeconomics, Politics and the Quest for Reforms

Structural Reform sentence examples within National Structural Reform

The UN Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL) and the Development Project

Evaluating the Structural Reform of Outpatient Psychotherapy in Germany (ES-Rip Trial) - A Qualitative Study of Provider Perspectives

Structural Reform sentence examples within Oriented Structural Reform

Washington Consensus Reforms and Lessons for Economic Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa

On the Extensive and Intensive FDI Margins: Does European Cohesion Policy Matter?

Structural Reform sentence examples within structural reform program

Privatization and its Determinants: A Significant Study of Developing Countries


Structural Reform sentence examples within structural reform policy

Towards sustainable society: Womenomics and women employment in Japan

Analyzing the reality of foreign direct investment and measuring its impact on economic growth for the period (2000-2017)Algeria as a model

The Re‐making of the Turkish Crisis

Η συρρίκνωση των δαπανών υγείας στην Ελλάδα κατά την περίοδο της κρίσης: η περίπτωση του Πανεπιστημιακού Γενικού Νοσοκομείου «Αττικόν»

Labor Migration From Uzbekistan: a Family and Community Promoted Big Bang

Ruling but not Governing: Tutelary Regimes and the Case of Myanmar

Development of the Digital Economy,Transformation of the Economic Structure and Leaping of the Middle-income Trap

Analysis of the Structure of Public Hospitals Administration in Iran: A Qualitative Study

The Morocco Policy Analysis Model: Theoretical Framework and Policy Scenarios

The Shifting role role of unions in the social dialogue

When an economy grows around 2% for decades, is it a structural problem?

Administrative Reforms in the Multilevel System: Reshuffling Tasks and Territories

Resilience in Focus : Certain Mechanisms of the Deepening of the Economic and Monetary Union

Ronit Y. Stahl, Enlisting Faith: How the Military Chaplaincy Shaped Religion and State in Modern America, Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2017. Pp. x + 384. $41.00 hardcover (ISBN 9780674972155).

Independent Sector: Preserving the Status Quo?

Comment on “Medical Students Who Do Not Match to Psychiatry: What Should They Do, and What Should We Do?”

A Gender Mainstreaming Approach to South Africa’s Budget Response to COVID-19

Policy Making, Coordination and Implementation Government Reforms

NASHP Drug Pricing Proposal: A Step in the Right Direction

Las políticas monetarias y cambiarias del FMI y su impacto sobre los derechos humanos

Anni horribili

Analysis on the structure of port collection and distribution in China

Potential GDP Modeling and Output Gap Estimation as a Basis for Countercyclical Fiscal Policy in Kazakhstan

An Empirical Analysis of Scale Economies in Administrative Intensity in the Paraná State Local Government System in Brazil

Achievements and Challenges of Iran Health System after Islamic Revolution: Structural reforms at the second step

Distributional Effects of Monetary Policy

New measures will provide temporary relief for Greece

Probing the equilibrium between mono- and di-nuclear nickel(II)-diamidate {[NiII(DQPD)]x, x = 1,2} complexes in chloroform solutions by combining acoustic and vibrational spectroscopies and molecular orbital calculations

Countries’ experiences in reforming hospital administration structure based on the Parker and Harding model: A systematic review study

Dimensions of Mobile-banking in Greece During Covid-19

Specialization in Primary Products, Industrialization and Economic Development of Ghana

Decoupling economic and energy growth: aspiration or reality?

Structural Factors Underlying Medical Malpractice: From the Perspective of Social Science Experts and Medical Specialists

The impact of the recovery and resilience facility on the Greek economy

Engaging closed-mindedly with your polluted media feed

Condicionalidad y deuda soberana: un panorama general de sus implicancias en los derechos humanos

Uzbekistan’s Development Experiment: An Assessment of Karimov’s Economic Legacy

Peruvian Electrical Distribution Firms’ Efficiency Revisited: A Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis