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Method to Realize the Tilt Monitoring and Instability Prediction of Hazardous Rock on Slopes

A new method for early warning of dangerous rock collapse based on tilt and vibration parameters

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Effect of structural planes on rockburst distribution: Case study of a deep tunnel in Southwest China

Study on Stability of Deformation Body of Material Yard Slope of a Pumped Storage Power Station

Strength reduction model for jointed rock masses and peridynamics simulation of uniaxial compression testing

Anchorage design analysis and field monitoring of large key blocks in high and steep rock slope

Anisotropic Differences in the Thermal Conductivity of Rocks: A Summary from Core Measurement Data in East China

Discussions on the transformation conditions of Wangcang landslide-induced debris flow

Rockburst response in hard rock owing to excavation unloading of twin tunnels at great depth

A Drawing System for Pole Diagram and Rose Diagram of Rock Mass Structural Surface

Dynamic Response Characteristics of a Toppling Rock Slope Under Seismic Excitation using Time-frequency Joint Analysis Method: A Case Study from the Southwest of Sichuan Basin, China

Research on Permeability Coefficient of Heterogeneous Geomaterials Based on Digital Images

Structural plane investigation and statistical analysis using an Android smartphone

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Tunnel Face Based on Multiple Images

Creep Fracture Characteristics of Fractured Rock Mass Strengthened with Toughened Epoxy Resin

Cooperative indoor 3D mapping and modeling using LiDAR data

Mechanism of Structural–Slip Rockbursts in Civil Tunnels: An Experimental Investigation

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Structural Planes 구조 평면

Structural Planes 구조 평면
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