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Stroop Effect sentence examples within Emotional Stroop Effect

Reduced accuracy accompanied by reduced neural activity during the performance of an emotional conflict task by unmedicated patients with major depression: A CAN-BIND fMRI study.

Адаптационная динамика реологических свойств крови у медицинских работников, оказывающих экстренную помощь:

Stroop Effect sentence examples within Behavioral Stroop Effect

Neural differences in the temporal cascade of reactive and proactive control for bilinguals and monolinguals.

Event-related potentials induced by Stroop Color-Word Task in childhood schizophrenia patients

Stroop Effect sentence examples within Larger Stroop Effect

The temporal dynamics of the Stroop effect from childhood to young and older adulthood

Some further clarifications on age-related differences in the Stroop task: New evidence from the two-to-one Stroop paradigm.

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O outro lado da automonitorização: Inibição dentro e fora de contexto sociais

The other side of self-monitoring: Inhibition control in and out a social context

Decline in attentional inhibition among migraine patients: an event‐related potential study using the Stroop task

What happens when right means wrong? The impact of conflict arising from competing feedback responses

The effect of high-frequency rTMS of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex on the resolution of response, semantic and task conflict in the colour-word Stroop task

The influence of a 16-week exercise program, APOE status, and age on executive function task performance: A randomized trial

The loci of Stroop effects: a critical review of methods and evidence for levels of processing contributing to color-word Stroop effects and the implications for the loci of attentional selection.

Re-examining age differences in the Stroop effect: The importance of the trees in the forest (plot).

How attention controls naming: Lessons from Wundt 2.0.

Effectiveness of Mobile Technology in Managing Fatigue: Balert App

Selective reinforcement of conflict processing in the Stroop task

In search of blue-light effects on cognitive control

Study on Color Words Pick-Out Test (CWPT) Available for Classifying the Slight Disorder on the Preclinical Stage of Dementia

Observing the Stroop Effect within a First Person Shooter Concept

A-144 Impairment of Attention in Persons with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Neuropsychology Assessments and Rehabilitation Training Course

Unisensory and Multisensory Stroop Effects Modulate Gender Differences in Verbal and Nonverbal Emotion Perception.

Are There Reliable Qualitative Individual Difference in Cognition?


Selective reinforcement of conflict processing in the Stroop task

Look into my eyes: Pupillometry reveals that a post‐hypnotic suggestion for word blindness reduces Stroop interference by marshalling greater effortful control

Manual Responses Are Verbally Mediated in Stroop Identification Tasks

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An ERP investigation of the working memory stroop effect

eStroop: Implementation, Standardization, and Systematic Comparison of a New Voice-Key Version of the Traditional Stroop Task

Intermodal Priming of Cognitive Conflict? A Failed Replication of Mager et al. (2009)

Electrophysiological Evidence of Anticipatory Cognitive Control in the Stroop Task

Two processing stages of the SNARC effect.

Preserved rapid conceptual processing of emotional expressions despite reduced neuropsychological performance following traumatic brain injury.

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Brain oscillations in cognitive control: A cross-sectional study with a spatial stroop task

The role of frontopolar cortex in the individual differences in conflict adaptation

An old task in new clothes: A preregistered direct replication attempt of enclothed cognition effects on Stroop performance

Reclaiming the Stroop Effect Back From Control to Input-Driven Attention and Perception

Modulation of Conflict Processing by Theta-Range tACS over the Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex

Effects of Dehydration and Rehydration on Cognitive Performance and Mood among Male College Students in Cangzhou, China: A Self-Controlled Trial

Response Time Distribution Analysis of Semantic and Response Interference in a Manual Response Stroop Task.

Stroop interference depends also on the level of automaticity of the to-be-interfered process.

Running head : QUALITATIVE INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES 1 Beyond Means : Are There Stable Qualitative Individual Differences in Cognition ?

Effects of Neural Mechanisms of Pretask Resting EEG Alpha Information on Situational Awareness: A Functional Connectivity Approach

Effectiveness of acute transcranial direct current stimulation on non-motor and motor symptoms in Parkinson’s disease

Common and specific loci of Stroop effects in vocal and manual tasks, revealed by event-related brain potentials and posthypnotic suggestions.

Effect of caffeine consumption and air temperature on student performance

The Stroop Effect Occurs at Multiple Points Along a Cascade of Control: Evidence From Cognitive Neuroscience Approaches

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Stroop Effect 스트룹 효과

Stroop Effect 스트룹 효과
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