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Stronger Effects sentence examples within Showed Stronger Effects

Evaluating the efficacy of the Family Check-Up Online: A school-based, eHealth model for the prevention of problem behavior during the middle school years.

Investigating the Double-Deficit Hypothesis in More and Less Transparent Orthographies: A Longitudinal Study from Preschool to Grade 2

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Even Stronger Effects

Impact of delayed winter pruning on phenology and ripening kinetics of Pinot Noir grapevines

Salivary Antioxidants Status Following Progressive Aerobic Exercise: What Are the Differences between Waterpipe Smokers and Non-Smokers?

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Much Stronger Effects

PEGylated and CD47-conjugated nanoellipsoidal artificial antigen-presenting cells minimize phagocytosis and augment anti-tumor T-cell responses

Viscothionin purified from mistletoe (Viscum album var. coloratum Ohwi) induces insulin secretion from pancreatic beta cells.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Relatively Stronger Effects

Impacts of Polymeric Additives on Nucleation and Crystal Growth of Indomethacin from Supersaturated Solutions

Direct and indirect effects of forest microclimate on pathogen spillover.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Exerted Stronger Effects

Sleep deprivation affects post-lunch dip performances, biomarkers of muscle damage and antioxidant status

Expanding the Applicability of Sampson and Laub’s Theory of Inequality and Social Control: A Multilevel Examination

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Significantly Stronger Effects

Historical and pharmacological studies on rehmannia root processing- Trends in usage and comparison of the immunostimulatory effects of its products with or without steam processing and pretreatment with liquor.

Effects of Fineness and Chemical Composition of Blast Furnace Slag on Properties of Alkali-Activated Binder

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Exert Stronger Effects

Effect of CAPE‐pNO2 against type 2 diabetes mellitus via the AMPK/GLUT4/ GSK3&bgr;/PPAR&agr; pathway in HFD/STZ‐induced diabetic mice

Risk factors for Luminal A ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) and invasive breast cancer in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Exhibited Stronger Effects

The synergistic antitumor effect of Huaier combined with 5-Florouracil in human cholangiocarcinoma cells

Testing Hypotheses on Risk Factors for Scientific Misconduct via Matched-Control Analysis of Papers Containing Problematic Image Duplications

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Observed Stronger Effects

Migrant population is more vulnerable to the effect of air pollution on preterm birth: Results from a birth cohort study in seven Chinese cities.

Additional Telemedicine Rounds as a Successful Performance-Improvement Strategy for Sepsis Management: Observational Multicenter Study

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Find Stronger Effects

Home Equity and Labor Income: The Role of Constrained Mobility

Внешние эффекты от прямых иностранных инвестиций в российской экономике: результаты эмпирического анализа

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Exerting Stronger Effects

Credit intermediation and the transmission of macro-financial uncertainty: International evidence

Soil multifunctionality is affected by the soil environment and by microbial community composition and diversity

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Demonstrate Stronger Effects

An Integrated Power and Efficiency Model of Contractual Channel Governance: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Potentiating α2 subunit containing perisomatic GABAA receptors protects against seizures in a mouse model of Dravet syndrome

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Produced Stronger Effects

Hydrological influences on aquatic communities at the mesohabitat scale in high Andean streams of southern Ecuador

Disturbance of approach‐avoidance behaviors in non‐human primates by stimulation of the limbic territories of basal ganglia and anterior insula

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Reported Stronger Effects

Bones, heart and the new anabolic agent romosozumab

Psychosocial and Physiological Health Outcomes of Green Exercise in Children and Adolescents—A Systematic Review

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Found Stronger Effects

The effects of environmental enrichment and social isolation and their reversion on anxiety and fear conditioning

Interventions to Reduce Ageism Against Older Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Demonstrated Stronger Effects


Tailoring Cell Morphomechanical Perturbations Through Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Exhibit Stronger Effects

Strain-dependent RstA Regulation of Clostridioides difficile Toxin Production and Sporulation.

No evidence for the inverted U-Curve: More demanding dual tasks cause stronger aversive memory degradation.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Showing Stronger Effects

Register Change in the British and Australian Hansard (1901-2015)

Gender Matters in Neuropsychological Assessment of Child and Adolescent Writing Skill

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Show Stronger Effects

Returning special education students to regular classrooms: Externalities on peers’ reading scores

Functional Status, Cognition, and Social Relationships in Dyadic Perspective.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Somewhat Stronger Effects

Comparison of risk factors for coronary heart disease morbidity versus mortality

Radiative stellar feedback in galaxy formation: Methods and physics

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Suggest Stronger Effects

Australia’s Gambling Epidemic: The Role of Neighbourhood Ethnic Diversity

The Local and Systemic Interactions Between Muscle and Bone in Postmenopausal Korean Women

Stronger Effects sentence examples within Slightly Stronger Effects

Differential focus on probability and losses between young and older adults in risky decision-making

Discovery of N1-(4-((7-(3-(4-ethylpiperazin-1-yl)propoxy)-6-methoxyquinolin-4-yl)oxy)-3,5-difluorophenyl)-N3-(2-(2,6-difluorophenyl)-4-oxothiazolidin-3-yl)urea as a multi-tyrosine kinase inhibitor for drug-sensitive and drug-resistant cancers treatment.

Stronger Effects sentence examples within stronger effects among

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis incidence following exposure to inorganic selenium in drinking water: A long-term follow-up.

Rejecting constitutional reform in the 2016 Italian referendum: analysing the effects of perceived discontent, incumbent performance and referendum-specific factors

Stronger Effects sentence examples within stronger effects compared

Impact of school traffic on outdoor carbon monoxide levels

Activation of natural killer cells by rituximab in granulomatosis with polyangiitis

Stronger Effects sentence examples within stronger effects occurring

The Effect of Incremental Innovation and Disruptive Innovation on the Sustainable Development of Manufacturing in China

Measurement of quadratic electrogyration effect in KDP crystals for light propagating along the optical axis

Stronger Effects sentence examples within stronger effects observed

Genetics of Central Obesity and Body Fat


Family Relationships as Risks and Buffers in the Link between Parent-to-Child Physical Violence and Adolescent-to-Parent Physical Violence

Sunshine, fertility and racial disparities

Changes to perceptual assimilation following training

Asymmetric impact of shocks on Islamic stock indices: a cross country analysis

An exhaustive analysis of single amino acid variants in helical transmembrane proteins

Managing Risk Taking with Interest Rate Policy and Macroprudential Regulations

Traits including leaf dry matter content and leaf pH dominate over forest soil pH as drivers of litter decomposition among 60 species

Effects of red alder on growth of Douglas-fir and western redcedar in southwestern British Columbia