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A low-dissipation shock-capturing framework with flexible nonlinear dissipation control

A shock-capturing scheme with a novel limiter for compressible flows solved by smoothed particle hydrodynamics

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High-order Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods with multi-resolution WENO limiters for solving steady-state problems

A New Sixth-Order Finite Difference WENO Scheme for Fractional Differential Equations

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Finite element modelling of traction-free cracks: Benchmarking the augmented finite element method (AFEM)

Modelling delaminations using adaptive cohesive segments with rotations in dynamic explicit analysis

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Strong Discontinuities sentence examples within Contain Strong Discontinuities

Constructing a Limiter Based on Averaging the Solutions for the Discontinuous Galerkin Method

A mesh mapping method for simulating stress-dependent permeability of three-dimensional discrete fracture networks in rocks

Regularities of Nanofocusing of the Electromagnetic Field of a Fractal Rough Surface

An Experimental and Analytical Method for Calculating the Power Parameters of Extrusion of Incompact Materials

Modeling branched and intersecting faults in reservoir-geomechanics models with the extended finite element method

Partições da Unidade flat-top e trigonométricas no Método dos Elementos Finitos Generalizados

Stable Generalized Iso-Geometric Analysis (SGIGA) for problems with discontinuities and singularities

Image Enhancement With PDEs and Nonconservative Advection Flow Fields

Thermoelasticity at finite strains with weak and strong discontinuities

Magnetic domain-wall induced ferroelectric polarization in rare-earth orthoferrites AFeO3 (A = Lu, Y, Gd): first-principles calculations

A stable discontinuity-enriched finite element method for 3-D problems containing weak and strong discontinuities

Smoothed particle magnetohydrodynamics with the geometric density average force expression

A Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin method for Lagrangian ideal magnetohydrodynamics equations in two-dimensions

High-order gas-kinetic scheme in curvilinear coordinates for the Euler and Navier-Stokes solutions.

Geometrically nonlinear analysis of matrix cracking and delamination in composites with floating node method

On the unsteady, stagnation point flow of a Maxwell fluid in 2D

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Strong Discontinuities 강한 불연속성

Strong Discontinuities 강한 불연속성
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