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The Genetic Architecture of Strawberry Yield and Fruit Quality Traits

Genomic Informed Breeding Strategies for Strawberry Yield and Fruit Quality Traits

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Locally Available Organic Waste for Counteracting Strawberry Decline in a Mountain Specialized Cropping Area

Integrating broccoli rotation, mustard meal, and anaerobic soil disinfestation to manage verticillium wilt in strawberry

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Plant-parasitic nematodes of strawberry in Egypt: a review

Полиморфизм сортов земляники ( Fragaria × ananassa ) по гену устойчивости к антракнозу Rca2

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Effects of green manure and poultry manure on strawberry production and soil fertility

Effect of fresh chicken manure as a non-chemical soil fumigant on soil-borne pathogens, plant growth and strawberry fruit profitability

Battery less soil moisture sensors for strawberry seedlings

Application of Bacillus pumilus isolates for management of black rot disease in strawberry

Transfer Learning Application for Berries Yield Forecasting using Deep Learning

Algorithm of Strawberry Disease Recognition Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Impact of fertigation schema on yield and chemical composition of strawberry (Fragaria×ananassa Duch.)

Research Progress on Continuous Cropping Obstacle and Green Control of Strawberry

The economic viability of suppressive crop rotations for the control of verticillium wilt in organic strawberry production

Chloropicrin alternated with biofumigation increases crop yield and modifies soil bacterial and fungal communities in strawberry production.

Exploring Environmental Factors Affecting Strawberry Yield Using Pattern Recognition Techniques

Efficacy of soil solarization on black root rot disease and speculation on its leverage on nematodes and weeds of strawberry in Egypt

Effects of multi-year biofumigation on soil bacterial and fungal communities and strawberry yield.

Study on Strawberry CO2 Gas Fertilizer in Greenhouse Based on BP Neural Network

A deep-level region-based visual representation architecture for detecting strawberry flowers in an outdoor field

Irrigation Management Scale and Water Application Method to Improve Yield and Water Productivity of Field-Grown Strawberries

Optimal fertigation for high yield and fruit quality of greenhouse strawberry

Profitability of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) production with biofilmed biofertilizer application

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