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Identity and Aggregate Signature-Based Authentication Protocol for IoD Deployment Military Drone

Mass-Media Specificity of Building an Effective Narrative as a Strategic Communication Tool

Re-Defining Borders Online: Russia’s Strategic Narrative on Internet Sovereignty

On the problem of framing the tragic event in the zone of military-political tension in the reportage discourse of ideologically alternative media

Governing practices and strategic narratives for the Syrian refugee returns

Distributing Condoms and Hope: The Racialized Politics of Youth Sexual Health

The EU and national sovereignty: the encounter of two concepts of sovereignty. Change or continuity?

The Aesthetic Power of Ships in International Political Communication: Why Ships Matter in China’s Communication of the Maritime Silk Road Initiative

Novel technologies and Geopolitical Strategies: Disinformation Narratives in the Countries of the Visegrád Group

Feminist foreign policies (FFPs) as strategic narratives: Norm translation in Sweden, Canada, France, and Mexico

Misjudging the History at the ICTY: Transitional and Post-Transitional Narratives About Genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Whose Vision Is It Anyway? The “Free Internet” in Chinese State Media

Transformation of the Global Film Industry: Prospects for Asian Countries

Committed Moderates and Uncommitted Extremists: Ideological Leaning and Parties’ Narratives on Military Interventions in Italy


The Construction of Power in the Strategic Narratives of the BRICS

Strategic narratives and US military bases in Japan: How ‘deterrence’ makes the Marine base on Okinawa ‘indispensable’

Conflict in Ukraine: multiplicity of narratives about the war and displacement

Contesting Strategic Narratives in a Global Context: The World Watches the 2016 U.S. Election

Living in confronting or parallel strategic narratives? The reasons behind the missing security dialogue between Russia and the Baltic States

Transnational non-state actors as “alt agents” of public diplomacy: Putin’s Russia versus Open Russia

Financialization, Resonance, and the Emergence of Cross-Field Ties

Seeking strategic narrative alignment: the case of BRICS and Brazil on the issue of infrastructural development

The construction of power in the strategic narratives of the BRICS

Truncated 21st-century trajectories of progressive international solidarity

The EU Seen from Brazil: Images and Perceptions

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Strategic Narratives 전략적 내러티브

Strategic Narratives 전략적 내러티브
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