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Assessment of morphological variation between stocks of bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix (Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Pomatomidae), in the Aegean Sea, Black Sea, and Sea of Marmara

Development of an algorithm for increasing the construction organization efficiency in the context of using production outsourcing

Impact of effluent discharge on recreational beach water quality: a case study of Karachi-Pakistan

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Beyond the Socio-Economic Impact of Transport Megaprojects

Cumulative impacts and strategic environmental assessment: policy development for Australias Great Barrier Reef

Climate change scenario services: From science to facilitating action

Twarog, Emily E. LB., Politics of the Pantry: Housewives, Food, and Consumer Protest in Twentieth-Century America

Wisdom for IT governance: A perspective of the philosophy of the art of war

Fuzzy Logic Framework for Assesing and Choising of Etreprise Strategies

Product Deletion Decisions for Adjusting Supply Chain Strategy: A Case Study From the Food Industry

Factors Related to Suicide Attempts: The Roles of Childhood Abuse and Spirituality

Sustainable value mapping and analysis methodology: Enabling stakeholder participation to develop localized indicators mapped to broader sustainable development goals

Prevention and mitigation measures against phishing emails: a sequential schema model

Assessing the theory of change in national strategies

Innovation of New Product Development Process: A Case Study of Healthy Drink-Based Product Line in Indonesia’s Company

The Winds of Change Continue.

Return to Sport Decision-Based Models

A confusion, not a system: the organizational evolution of strategic intelligence assessment in Canada, 1943 to 2003

Instrumenty administracyjne polskiej polityki ekologicznej – wybrane aspekty

Refusal of planning consent for the Docking Shoal offshore wind farm: Stakeholder perspectives and lessons learned

Revision malarplasty guided by strategic categorization.

Project Management and BIM for Sustainable Modern Cities: Proceedings of the 2nd GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition on Sustainable Civil Infrastructures, Egypt 2018 – The Official International Congress of the Soil-Structure Interaction Group in Egypt (SSIGE)

Electrification of Madrid Fleet Public Transport Company (EMT-Madrid): Strategic Analysis and Implementation

Eliciting and reconstructing programme theory: An exercise in translating theory into practice

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Strategic Assessment 전략적 평가

Strategic Assessment 전략적 평가
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