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Genotypic analyses and virulence characterization of Glaesserella parasuis isolates from Taiwan

Differential presentation of a single antimicrobial peptide is sufficient to identify LPS from distinct bacterial samples.

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Microbial Forensics

Taxonomic profiling and populational patterns of bacterial bile salt hydrolase (BSH) genes based on worldwide human gut microbiome

Strains Within sentence examples within Influenza Strains Within

Differences in the influenza-specific CD4 T cell immunodominance hierarchy and functional potential between children and young adults

Application of Volumetric Absorptive Micro Sampling to Measure Multidimensional Anti-Influenza Hemagglutinin Igg Antibodies by MPlex-Flu Assay

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Chromosomal recombination targets in Chlamydia interspecies lateral gene transfer.

Diversity of Contact-Dependent Growth Inhibition Systems of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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Micromechanical Response Quantification using High-energy X-rays during Phase Transformations in Additively Manufactured 17-4 Stainless Steel

Average and local strain fields in nanocrystals

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Effects of substrate annealing on wettability and intermetallic compound formation in Sn–3.0Cu/Cu systems

Residual Strain Predictions for a Powder Bed Fusion Inconel 625 Single Cantilever Part

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Bacillus velezensis: phylogeny, useful applications, and avenues for exploitation

Hyperspectral imaging of common foodborne pathogens for rapid identification and differentiation

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Genotypic characterization of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from Turkish children with cystic fibrosis

Characterization of the φCTX-like Pseudomonas aeruginosa phage Dobby isolated from the kidney stone microbiota

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A library of human gut bacterial isolates paired with longitudinal multiomics data enables mechanistic microbiome research

Novel Cardinium strains in non-marine ostracod (Crustacea) hosts from natural populations.


A neural network model predicts community-level signaling states in a diverse microbial community

Genus-wide Yersinia core-genome multilocus sequence typing for species identification and strain characterization

Infant diet promotes Bifidobacterium community cooperation within a single ecosystem

Development of a New Semi-Selective Lysine-Ornithine-Mannitol-Arginine-Charcoal Medium for the Isolation of Pantoea Species from Environmental Sources in Japan

Detection of tuberculosis laboratory cross-contamination using whole-genome sequencing.

A finite element study of posterior eye biomechanics: The influence of intraocular and cerebrospinal pressure on the optic nerve head, peripapillary region, subarachnoid space and meninges

Integrating multi-disciplinary data for building fit-for-purpose 3D mechanical earth model

DNA Microarray-Based Genomic Characterization of the Pathotypes of Escherichia coli O26, O45, O103, O111, and O145 Isolated from Feces of Feedlot Cattle †.

Genetic variability and consequence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage 3 in Kampala-Uganda

Molecular Diversity of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus Isolates Originated from Patients in Ahvaz Hospitals, Iran

A patient-specific finite element analysis of the anterior cruciate ligament under different flexion angles.

Coupled phase field simulations of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic layers in multiferroic heterostructures

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