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Computationally efficient necking prediction using neural networks trained on virtual test data

Tensorial stress−strain fields and large elastoplasticity as well as friction in diamond anvil cell up to 400 GPa

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The Strain of a Plane Sampleat the Homogeneous Field of the Strain Rates under the Plane Strain Conditions

Stress banding in compressed quasi-two-dimensional aqueous foams

Управление конформациями молекул ДНК с помощью геометрических и физических параметров

3d Biomechanical Response of the Optic Nerve Head: Initial Results From Porcine Globe Inflation Using High-frequency Ultrasound Elastography.

General Constitutive Relations and Formulation of Nonlinear Theories of Solids and Fluids

Recent Deformations of New Zealand GNSS Permanent Network Caused by 2016 Mw7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake

Continuous fatigue damage prediction of a rubber fibre composite structure using multiaxial energy-based approach

Tensors in Newtonian Physics and the Foundations of Classical Continuum Mechanics

Thermal Chladni plate experiments to reveal and estimate spatially dependent vibrothermal source

Three-dimensional static optical coherence elastography based on inverse compositional Gauss-Newton digital volume correlation.

Kinematics of Motion and Deformation Measures

Volcano-tectonic dynamics of Deception Island (Antarctica): 27 years of GPS observations (1991–2018)

Simulation of deformation and fracture processes in nanocomposites

Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Deformation Rates on the Dynamic Strength of GFRP Cylindrical Shells

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Strain Tensors 스트레인 텐서

Strain Tensors 스트레인 텐서
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