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Graphene composite 3,4,9,10-perylenetetracarboxylic sodium salts with a honeycomb structure as a high performance anode material for lithium ion batteries

Nano tube-in-tube CNT@void@TiO2@C with excellent ultrahigh rate capability and long cycling stability for lithium ion storage

Storage Behavior sentence examples within electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes/Polypyrrole Composite Thin Film Electrodes: Investigation of Interfacial Ion Exchange Behavior

Clarifying the lithium storage behavior of MoS2 with in situ electrochemical impedance spectroscopy

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Energy Storage Behavior

Porous manganese dioxide nanosheets on modified graphite felt for cathodes in high-capacity flexible Zinc-MnO2 batteries

Fully organic polyaniline nanotubes as electrode material for durable supercapacitor

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Ion Storage Behavior

Three-dimensional hierarchical porous hard carbon for excellent sodium/potassium storage and mechanism investigation

In-situ tuning the NH4+ extraction in (NH4)2V4O9 nanosheets towards high performance aqueous zinc ion batteries

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Charge Storage Behavior

Unveiling the pseudocapacitive effects of ultramesopores on nanoporous carbon

Highly controlled synthesis of nanoprickly nickel@nickel oxide formed on carbon black/reduced graphene oxide nanosheets: Charge-storage performance and electrocatalytic activity for methanol oxidation

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Sodium Storage Behavior

Revealing the Sodium Storage Behavior of Biomass-Derived Hard Carbon by Using Pure Lignin and Cellulose as Model Precursors

Tunable CuS nanocables with hierarchical nanosheet-assembly for ultrafast and long-cycle life sodium-ion storage

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Lithium Storage Behavior

Hybridizing ultrathin SnO2 nanorods with graphene for stabilized high capacity and flexible lithium-ion batteries

Confining Sb2Se3 nanorod yolk in a mesoporous carbon shell with an in-built buffer space for stable Li-ion batteries

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Potassium Storage Behavior

Fast potassium migration in mesoporous carbon with ultrathin framework boosting superior rate performance for high-power potassium storage

Superior potassium storage behavior of hard carbon facilitated by ether-based electrolyte

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Hydrogen Storage Behavior

Dual-tuning of de/hydrogenation kinetic properties of Mg-based hydrogen storage alloy by building a Ni-/Co-multi-platform collaborative system

Improved hydrogen storage properties of MgH2 using transition metal sulfides as catalyst

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Seed Storage Behavior

Influence of maturity stage on physical and chemical characteristics of fruit and physiological quality of seeds of Physalis angulata L.

Germination, viability and dormancy of 47 species from threatened tropical montane grassland in southeastern Brazil: implications for ex situ conservation.

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Li Storage Behavior

Interfacial Design on Graphene–Hematite Heterostructures for Enhancing Adsorption and Diffusion towards Superior Lithium Storage

A long-cycling anode based on a coral-like Sn nanostructure with a binary binder.

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Firearm Storage Behavior

Why some parents made firearms more accessible during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic: results from a national study

A randomized controlled trial of public messaging to promote safe firearm storage among U.S. military veterans.

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Na Storage Behavior

Regulating microstructures of soft carbon anodes by terminations of Ti3C2Tx MXene toward fast and stable sodium storage

Two-dimensional honeycomb borophene oxide: A promising anode material offering super high capacity for Li/Na-ion batteries.

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Thermal Storage Behavior

Role of graphitized mesoporous carbon on solidification and melting characteristics of water for cool thermal storage

Solid-liquid phase-change thermal storage and release behaviors in a rectangular cavity under the impacts of mushy region and low gravity

Storage Behavior sentence examples within Poor Storage Behavior

Nitrogen/sulphur dual-doped hierarchical carbonaceous fibers boosting potassium-ion storage

Effect of defatting and extruding treatment on the physicochemical and storage properties of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Wild) flour

Flexible polytriphenylamine-based cathodes with reinforced energy-storage capacity for high-performance sodium-ion batteries

Microstructure-Dependent K+ Storage in Porous Hard Carbon.

Microstructure-Dependent Charge/Discharge Behaviors of Hollow Carbon Spheres and its Implication for Sodium Storage Mechanism on Hard Carbon Anodes.

Molecular Engineering on MoS2 Enables Large Interlayers and Unlocked Basal Planes for High-Performance Aqueous Zn-Ion Storage.

Oxygen-Functionalized Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibers with Enhanced Performance for Lithium-Ion Storage

Germination responses of Cola acuminata (Pal. De Beauv.) seeds to different substrates, photoperiods and dehydration

Micro/Nano Na3V2(PO4)3/N-Doped Carbon Composites with a Hierarchical Porous Structure for High-Rate Pouch-Type Sodium-Ion Full-Cell Performance.

Engineering the morphology/porosity of oxygen-doped carbon for sulfur host as lithium–sulfur batteries

Structural engineering of metal–organic framework derived tin sulfides for advanced Li/Na storage

Correlation between physical and sensorial properties of gummy confections with different formulations during storage

Template-Directing Coupled with Chemical Activation Methodology-Derived Hexagon-like Porous Carbon Electrode with Outstanding Compatibility to Electrolytes and Low-Temperature Performance.

N, O and S co-doped hierarchical porous carbon derived from a series of samara for lithium and sodium storage: Insights into surface capacitance and inner diffusion.

Biomass Torrefaction Process, Product Properties, Reactor Types, and Moving Bed Reactor Design Concepts

Exploring the Potentials of Ti3CiN2-iTx (i = 0, 1, 2)-MXene for Anode Materials of High-Performance Sodium-Ion Batteries.

PSi@SiOx/Nano-Ag composite derived from silicon cutting waste as high-performance anode material for Li-ion batteries.

Elevating kinetics of passivated Fe anodes with NH4Cl regulator: Toward low-cost, long-cyclic and green cathode-free Fe-ion aqueous batteries

Storage Mechanism of Alkali Metal Ions in the Hard Carbon Anode: an Electrochemical Viewpoint.

Seed dormancy, germination and storage behavior of Magnolia sinica, a plant species with extremely small populations of Magnoliaceae

Al-Storage Behaviors of Expanded Graphite as High-Rate and Long-Life Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Aluminum Batteries.

High-Performance Cathode Materials for Potassium-Ion Batteries: Structural Design and Electrochemical Properties.

Liquid-Based Multijunction Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Collection Device.

Sn4P3-inlaid graphene oxide nanohybrid through low-temperature solid state reactions toward high-performance anode for sodium-ion batteries

Sodium-storage behavior of electron-rich element-doped amorphous carbon

A universal graphitic interlayered centroid intercalation theory for intercalation chemistry

Structural perspective on revealing energy storage behaviors of silver vanadate cathodes in aqueous zinc-ion batteries

Surface structure decoration of high capacity Li1.2Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 cathode by mixed conductive coating of Li1.4Al0.4Ti1.6(PO4)3 and polyaniline for lithium-ion batteries

V2(PO4)O encapsulated into crumpled nitrogen-doped graphene as a high-performance anode material for sodium-ion batteries

Bio-active compounds of potato influenced by vermicompost and tuber size during ambient storage condition

Combined effect of cold atmospheric plasma, intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the microbial behavior in/on (food) model systems during storage

Efficient microencapsulation of Syringa essential oil; the valuable potential on quality maintenance and storage behavior of peach

DCA-IO: A Dynamic I/O Control Scheme for Parallel and Distributed File Systems

Mixed-valent MnSiO3/C nanocomposite for high-performance asymmetric supercapacitor.

Novel radio-frequency-based gas sensor with integrated heater

Nickel-cobalt oxide nanocages derived from cobalt-organic frameworks as electrode materials for electrochemical energy storage with redox electrolyte

Storage Behavior of Juice Prepared from Nagpur Mandarin Orange (Citrus reticulata)

Free-standing 3D composite of CoO nanocrystals anchored on carbon nanotubes as high-power anodes in Li-Ion hybrid supercapacitors

Marine Sediment Mixed With Activated Carbon Allows Electricity Production and Storage From Internal and External Energy Sources: A New Rechargeable Bio-Battery With Bi-Directional Electron Transfer Properties

Nitrogen-rich hierarchically porous carbon as a high-rate anode material with ultra-stable cyclability and high capacity for capacitive sodium-ion batteries

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