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A low-cost linkage-spring-tendon-integrated compliant anthropomorphic robotic hand: MCR-Hand III

Mechanoreception for Soft Robots via Intuitive Body Cues

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Study on Stiffness of Angular Contact Ball Bearing and Its Evolution Rule under Excessive Preload

Beam-end stiffness identification for a structural health monitoring-oriented finite-element transmission tower model using effective optimization techniques

Application-oriented selection of poses and forces for robot elastostatic calibration

A force and moment compensation method for a hardware-in-the-loop docking simulator based on the stiffness identification of the docking mechanism

Enhanced Stiffness Modeling and Identification Method for a Cable-Driven Spherical Joint Module

Stiffness Identification of Truss Joints of the Nam O Bridge Based on Vibration Measurements and Model Updating

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Stiffness Identification 강성 식별

Stiffness Identification 강성 식별
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