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Steel Joints sentence examples within gas tungsten arc

Experimental studies on effect of post weld heat treatments on the pitting corrosion and impact toughness of GTA welded martensitic stainless steel joints

Comparing the effect of continuous and pulsed current in the GTAW process of AISI 316L stainless steel welded joint: microstructural evolution, phase equilibrium, mechanical properties and fracture mode

Steel Joints sentence examples within welding friction stir

A review on friction-based joining of dissimilar aluminum–steel joints

Steel Joints sentence examples within Stainles Steel Joints

Effect of surface cleaning on interface bonding performance for 316H stainless steel joints manufactured by additive forging

Addition of small amounts of graphene oxide in the polyol during the synthesis of waterborne polyurethane urea adhesives for improving their adhesion properties

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Steel Joints sentence examples within Strength Steel Joints

Experimental and numerical study on seismic performance of Q690 high-strength steel plate reinforced joints

Alloying a topmost steel-plate layer with WC-tool constituent elements during friction stir processing

Steel Joints sentence examples within Carbon Steel Joints

Mechanical properties and microstructural characteristics of rotating arc-gas metal arc welded carbon steel joints

Effect of Rotating Arc on Mechanical Properties and Microstructural Characteristics of Gas Metal Arc Welded Carbon Steel Joints

Steel Joints sentence examples within Welded Steel Joints

Fat classes of welded steel details derived from the master design curve of the peak stress method

Use of a Reductive Carbon Monoxide Atmosphere in Arc Welding of Microalloyed Steels

Steel Joints sentence examples within Dissimilar Steel Joints

HAZ Characterization and Mechanical Properties of QP980-DP980 Laser Welded Joints

The Effect of Physical Properties on Welding Induced Distortion in Dissimilar Steel Lap Joint

Steel Joints sentence examples within Cast Steel Joints

A simplified approach to estimate the fatigue life of full-scale welded cast steel thin-walled tubular structures

Evaluation of welded cast steel joint fatigue data using structural stress methods

Steel Joints sentence examples within steel joints brazed

Strength of 316L Stainless Steel Single-Lap Joints Brazed with Ni-Based Metallic Glass Foils for Corrosive Environments

Numerical analysis on the residual stress distribution and its influence factor analysis for Si3N4/42CrMo brazed joint

Steel Joints sentence examples within steel joints welded

Mechanical properties and microstructural characteristics of rotating arc-gas metal arc welded carbon steel joints

Investigation on low cycle fatigue properties of CLAM steel electron beam welded joint at 550 °C

Steel Joints sentence examples within steel joints bonded

Numerical modelling of bond behaviour between steel and CFRP laminates with a ductile adhesive

From thin to extra-thick adhesive layer thicknesses: Fracture of bonded joints under mode I loading conditions

Steel Joints sentence examples within steel joints processed

Effect of Quenching Tempering-Post Weld Heat Treatment on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laser-Arc Hybrid-Welded Boron Steel

Characterisation of microstructure, defect and high-cycle-fatigue behaviour in a stainless steel joint processed by brazing

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Commercially Pure Ti/Steel Joint Brazed by Zr-Ti-Ni Amorphous Filler Metal.

Advanced characterization of intermetallic compounds in dissimilar aluminum-steel joints obtained by laser welding-brazing with AlSi filler metals

Tungsten-chromium coatings on reduced activation ferritic/martensitic steels prepared by laser melting deposition process


Rubber-to-steel adhesives based on natural rubber grafted with poly(acetoacetoxyethyl methacrylate)

Photon Doppler velocimetry measurements of the impact velocity during electromagnetic pulse welding of copper-steel tubular joints

Control of Steel Detachment and Metal Flow on Aluminum-Steel Friction Stir Welding of thin Joints

A method for high heat flux fatigue test of W/Cu/steel small mock-up using normal cooling conditions

Modelling of the temperature distribution of spot-weldable composite/metal joints

Fatigue strength of aluminium welded joints by a non-local approach

Microstructure and Tensile Strength of the Bonded Interfaces and Parent Materials in W/ODS Steel Joints Fabricated by Direct SSDB

Stationary Shoulder Friction Stir Assisted Scribe Technique for Dissimilar Joining

First-principles study of tensile and shear strength of Fe-Al andα-AlFeSi intermetallic compound interfaces

Microstructural characterisation and corrosion behaviour of aluminium alloy/steel hybrid structure produced by friction welding

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Characteristics of Steels Joints Obtained by the FSW Process - A Brief Review

First-principles study of tensile and shear strength of an Fe2Al5//Fe interface

Recent Developments in Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloys to Steel

Texture analysis and joint performance of laser-welded similar and dissimilar dual-phase and complex-phase ultra-high-strength steels

Effect of heat input on interfacial microstructure, tensile and bending properties of dissimilar Al/steel lap joints by laser Welding-brazing

Joining by laser induced shock waves of aluminum and plastics

Effect of GMAW-brazing and Cold Metal Transfer Welding Techniques on the corrosion behaviour of Aluminium-Steel lap joints

Numerical investigation on the residual stresses in welded T-joints made of dissimilar materials

Regression Modelling of Joining Aluminium Studs to Steel with AA 1100 Interlayer

The Push-Over Test and Numerical Analysis Study on the Mechanical Behavior of the GFRP Frame for Sustainable Prefabricated Houses

A study on behavior of steel joints that combine high-strength bolts and fillet welds

More Steel Joints 스틸 조인트 sentence examples

A temperature-dependent bond-slip model for CFRP-to-steel joints

Hysteresis model for beam-to-column connections of steel storage racks

Characterization of Mechanical and Metallurgical Notch Effects of DP980 Steel Weld Joints in Fatigue Performance

Microstructure and mechanical properties of TIG welded-brazed AZ61 Mg alloy and mild steel joints with and without interlayer

More Steel Joints 스틸 조인트 sentence examples

High-frequency linear friction welding of aluminum alloys to stainless steel

Thermal fatigue damage of steel joints brazed with various nickel filler metals

Laser Surface Structuring of Cemented Carbide for improving the Strength of Induction Brazed Joints

More Steel Joints 스틸 조인트 sentence examples

Characterization of model uncertainty of adhesively bonded CFRP-to-steel joints

Effect of Atmospheric Cold Plasma Treatment on the Adhesion and Tribological Properties of Polyamide 66 and Poly(Tetrafluoroethylene)

Characterization of Static Performance and Failure of Resistance Spot Welds of High-Strength and Press-Hardened Steels

Investigations on low-energy impact and post-impact fatigue of adhesively bonded single-lap joints using composites substrates

Ultrasound Enhanced Friction Stir Welding (USE-FSW) of Hybrid Aluminum/Steel Joints

Control of Formation of Intermetallic Compound in Dissimilar Joints Aluminum-steel

Interfacial microstructure evolution in fusion welding of immiscible Mg/Fe system

Three-dimensional macro-modeling of beam-to-rectangular hollow section column joints under cyclic loading. Part 2: Modeling of beam-to-column joint by extended component-based approach

Physicochemical Properties of Epoxy Composites Modified with Epoxyphosphazene

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Steel Joints 스틸 조인트

Steel Joints 스틸 조인트
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