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Tales from the auditors: What we learned from endoscope auditing.

The Team Physician

Sustaining a Collegewide Teaching Academy as a Community: Ten Years of Experience with the Master Teacher Program at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Emphasizing Transdisciplinary Prowess in the Evaluation of STEAM Programs

Subdissociative Ketamine Use in the Emergency Department

Back to Basics: Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Clinical Pearls in Medical Toxicology: Updates Ranging From Decontamination to Elimination

Elephant in the Classroom: Do Information Systems Professors Need to be More Techno-Savvy than Students?

Establish a Digital Footprint for Your Publication by Using Twitter

Spread of Measles in Europe and Implications for US Travelers

Dashboard Prototype for Improved HIV Monitoring and Reporting for Indiana

Cardiotwitter: New virtual tools to advance skillsets in Interventional Cardiology.

Psychiatry Residents Integrating Social Media (PRISM): Using Twitter in Graduate Medical Education

Systematic Review of Mobile Phone Apps Currently Available to Norwegian Users to Support Diabetes Self-management

A Baker’s Dozen of Top Antimicrobial Stewardship Intervention Publications in 2017

Wholesale produce auctions and regional food systems: The case of Seneca produce auction

Current Diabetes Technology: Striving for the Artificial Pancreas

A Baker’s Dozen of Top Antimicrobial Stewardship Intervention Publications in 2018

Twenty years of West Nile virus spread and evolution in the Americas visualized by Nextstrain

Effects of Practice Turnover on Primary Care Quality Improvement Implementation

Editorial: Translational research

2553. Addressing Knowledge and Practice Gaps in HIV Management with Engaging Continuing Education

New HTA Policy in Japan

Cultivating professional technical skills and understanding through hands-on online learning experiences

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Stay Current 최신 상태 유지

Stay Current 최신 상태 유지
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