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Validity and Reliability of MyLift App in Determining 1-RM for Deadlift and Back Squat Exercises

Inter- and intra-individual variability in the kinematics of the back squat.

12-Week Exercise Training of Knee Joint and Squat Movement Improves Gait Ability in Older Women

Computational study on lateral and medial wear characterization in knee implants by a multibody dynamic system

Patellar bone strain after total knee arthroplasty is correlated with bone mineral density and body mass index.

Multijoint Musculoarticular Stiffness Derived From a Perturbation Is Highly Variable.

Repeated sit-to-stand exercise enhances muscle strength and reduces lower body muscular demands in physically frail elders

Biomechanical studies on the interrelation between trunk muscle strength and sports performance

The effects of squatting while pregnant on pelvic dimensions: A computational simulation to understand childbirth.

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Squat Movement 스쿼트 동작

Squat Movement 스쿼트 동작
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