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Effect of spiral spacing on axial compressive behavior of square reinforced concrete filled steel tube (RCFST) columns

Size effect of axial-loaded concrete-filled steel tubular columns with different confinement coefficients

Numerical analysis of concentrically loaded hexagonal concrete-filled steel tubular short columns incorporating concrete confinement

Structural Performance and Compression Resistances of Thin-Walled Square CFST Columns with Steel Lining Tubes

Behavior of hybrid CFST with FRP-confined UHPC core under axial compression

Behavior of concrete-filled steel tubular cold-formed built-up slender square columns under eccentric compression

Numerical Investigation of Composite Behavior and Strength of Rectangular Concrete-Filled Cold-Formed Steel Tubular Stub Columns

Analytical behavior of built-up square concrete-filled steel tubular columns under combined preload and axial compression

Prediction and Analysis of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Square CFST Long Column under Eccentric Compression after Acid Rain Corrosion

Numerical performance of blind-bolted demountable square CFST K-joints

Static performance of square CFDST chord to steel SHS brace T-joints

Experimental Study on CFRP-Confined Circularized Concrete-Filled Square Steel Tube Short Columns

Modeling the nonlinear behavior of ACC for SCFST columns using experimental-data and a novel evolutionary-algorithm

Development of user-friendly kernel-based Gaussian process regression model for prediction of load-bearing capacity of square concrete-filled steel tubular members

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Square Concrete Filled 정사각형 콘크리트 채워짐

Square Concrete Filled 정사각형 콘크리트 채워짐
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