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Recycling and utilization of spent potlining by different high temperature treatments

Thermal behaviors, combustion mechanisms, evolved gasses, and ash analysis of spent potlining for a hazardous waste management.

Towards the implementation of an ion-exchange system for recovery of fluoride commodity chemicals. Kinetic and dynamic studies

Vacuum Distillation-Treated Spent Potlining as an Alternative Fuel for Metallurgical Furnaces

(Co-)combustion behaviors and products of spent potlining and textile dyeing sludge

Thermogravimetric and mass-spectrometric analyses of combustion of spent potlining under N2/O2 and CO2/O2 atmospheres.

Highly efficient fluoride extraction from simulant leachate of spent potlining via La-loaded chelating resin. An equilibrium study.

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Spent Potlining 소비된 포틀라이닝

Spent Potlining 소비된 포틀라이닝
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