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Commercial raw materials from algaculture and natural stocks of Ulva spp.

Habitat differences filter functional diversity of low dispersive microscopic animals (Acari, Halacaridae)

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Soil chemistry drives below ground traits in an alternate successional pathway from forest to heath.

Remote sensing of &bgr;‐diversity: Evidence from plant communities in a semi‐natural system

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Influence of irrigation infrastructures and water quality on fish assemblages in Lake Tana tributaries, north-west Ethiopia

Declining Abundance of Coccinellidae (Coleoptera) Among Crop and Prairie Habitats of Eastern South Dakota, USA

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Good Things Come in Larger Packages: Size Matters in Neotropical Fruit-Feeding Butterfly Dispersal †

Altitude effects on spatial components of vascular plant diversity in a subarctic mountain tundra

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Reproductive patterns of solitary cavity-nesting bees responsive to both local and landscape factors

Effects of native deer on invasive earthworms depend on earthworm functional feeding group and correlate with earthworm body size

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SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes

SPIKEPIPE: A metagenomic pipeline for the accurate quantification of eukaryotic species occurrences and intraspecific abundance change using DNA barcodes or mitogenomes

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Fine scale prediction of ecological community composition using a two-step sequential machine learning ensemble

Level of Genetic Diversity in European Bumblebees is Not Determined by Local Species Abundance

Species Abundances sentence examples within species abundances acros

Niche lability mitigates the impact of invasion but not urbanization.

Metabolic Modeling of Cystic Fibrosis Airway Communities Predicts Mechanisms of Pathogen Dominance

Species Abundances sentence examples within species abundances within

Kills in the Darling: assessing the impact of the 2018–20 mass fish kills on the fish communities of the Lower Darling–Baaka River, a large lowland river of south-eastern Australia

Trade-offs relating to grassland and forest mine reclamation approaches in the central Appalachian region and implications for the songbird community

Species Abundances sentence examples within species abundances revealed

Long-term studies reveal major environmental factors driving zooplankton dynamics and periodicities in the Black Sea coastal zooplankton

Applicability of DNA metabarcoding approach in the bioassessment of Portuguese rivers using diatoms

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Continent-wide tree fecundity driven by indirect climate effects

Stable coexistence of equivalent nutrient competitors through niche differentiation in the light spectrum

Linking functional traits and demography to model species-rich communities

Characterizing scaling laws in gut microbial dynamics from time series data: caution is warranted

Elucidating mechanism is important in forecasting the impact of a changing world on species survival

Spatial assemblage and interference competition of introduced Brown Trout (Salmo trutta) in a Himalayan river network: Implications for native fish conservation

Structural identifiability of the generalized Lotka–Volterra model for microbiome studies

Seasonal Distribution and Abundance of Tidepool Fishes at Six Locations within the Southern California Bight, 2004-2005

Effects of reservoir cascades on diversity, distribution, and abundance of fish assemblages in three Neotropical basins.

Drought effects on invertebrate metapopulation dynamics and quasi-extinction risk in an intermittent river network.

Taxonomic scale dependency of Bergmann’s patterns: A cross-scale comparison of hawkmoths and birds along a tropical elevational gradient

Hydrodynamics affect plant traits in estuarine ecotones with impact on carbon sequestration potentials

Response of avian communities to edges of tropical montane forests: Implications for the future of endemic habitat specialists

Impact of Predator Exclusion and Habitat on Seroprevalence of New World Orthohantavirus Harbored by Two Sympatric Rodents within the Interior Atlantic Forest

Global abundance estimates for 9,700 bird species

From the euclidean distance to compositional dissimilarity: What is gained and what is lost

Benthic community establishment on different concrete mixtures introduced to a German deep-water port

Benthic species as mud patrol - modelled effects of bioturbators and biofilms on large-scale estuarine mud and morphology

Diversity partitioning and distance-decay relationship of saprophytic flies (Insecta: Diptera) in the western Brazilian Amazon

Evaluating the Sampling Design of a Long-Term Community-Based Estuary Monitoring Program

Chemical variation with altitude and longitude on exo-Neptunes: Predictions for Ariel phase-curve observations

Dominance determines fish community biomass in a temperate seagrass ecosystem

Habitat use of breeding birds in Central European reed beds

Testing the effects of durability (shell thickness) on species over-representation in death assemblages, a taphonomic baseline for conservation paleobiology

Analyzing the Role of Increasing Water Pollution on Species-Richness, Interspecific-Competition and Abundance-Unevenness in Reef-Associated Fish Communities, off Jakarta Bay (Indonesia)

Tailor-made microbial consortium for Kombucha fermentation: Microbiota-induced biochemical changes and biofilm formation.

Assessing a macroalgal foundation species: community variation with shifting algal assemblages

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Vaginal Glycogen, Not Estradiol, Is Associated With Vaginal Bacterial Community Composition in Black Adolescent Women.

Influence of Coral Architecture on Species Richness and the Hierarchical Structuration of Species Abundances in Reef Fish Communities: A Case Study in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

An Aspect of Palyno Stratigraphy of “XM” Field Located in Semliki Basin South Western Uganda

An attribute‐diversity approach to functional diversity, functional beta diversity, and related (dis)similarity measures

FragSAD: A database of diversity and species abundance distributions from habitat fragments.

Inferring Total Species Richness and the Exhaustive Hierarchical Structuring of Species Abundances in Tropical Sea-stars Communities (Asteroidea), Using Numerical Extrapolation of Partial Inventories

Local changes in copepod composition and diversity in two coastal systems of Western Europe

Oilfield Reclamation Recovers Productivity but not Composition of Arthropod Herbivores and Predators

A pathway for multivariate analysis of ecological communities using copulas

Macro- and mesoscale pattern interdependencies in complex networks

The Simplified Human Intestinal Microbiota (SIHUMIx) Shows High Structural and Functional Resistance against Changing Transit Times in In Vitro Bioreactors

Spatio-temporal dynamics of seedling communities are determined by seed input and habitat filtering in a subtropical montane forest

Increasing the benefits of species diversity in multispecies temporary grasslands by increasing within-species diversity.

Composition and structure of the culturable gut bacterial communities in Anopheles albimanus from Colombia

Ecological-anatomical comparative adaptability of two gypsophylic Astragalus species of gypsum soils

A novel approach to assessing the ecosystem-wide impacts of reintroductions.

Intraspecific trait variation patterns along a precipitation gradient in Mongolian rangelands

Accounting for long‐term directional trends on year‐to‐year synchrony in species fluctuations

Exploring the predictive performance of several temperature measurements on Neotropical dung beetle assemblages: Methodological implications