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Development, implementation, and evaluation of a health outcomes and research program at an integrated health-system specialty pharmacy.

Adherence to oral oncolytics filled through an internal health-system specialty pharmacy compared with external specialty pharmacies.

How Can We “Get the Lead Out” Without Chelators?

Role of the specialty pharmacist in public health: A focus on sharps disposal.

Management of specialty drugs, specialty pharmacies and biosimilars in the United States

Adherence, Persistence, and Expenditures for High-Cost Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Rheumatoid Arthritis: An Exploratory Study.

United States health plan cancer concerns in 2019

Delay in receipt of newly prescribed oral anticancer drugs.

Modeling specialty medicine access: Understanding key health system processes and players.

1303. Impact of Pharmacy Type on HIV Viral Suppression at a University-Based HIV Clinic in the Midwest

Mometasone absorption in cultured airway epithelium

Impact of ambulatory clinical pharmacist interventions on outcomes in the HIV population

Impact of a high-touch, collaborative, patient-centric, hepatitis C specialty clinical program on completion of glecaprevir/pibrentasvir therapy

Navigating specialty pharmacies to get oral agents to patients in a timely manner.

Navigating the Wild West of Medication Adherence Reporting in Specialty Pharmacy.

Letter to the editor: Arithmetic error in Bland, J. M., & Altman, D. G. (2007). Agreement between methods of measurement with multiple observations per individual

Quality improvement in hepatitis C screening and treatment in a primary care resident clinic

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Specialty Pharmacies 전문 약국

Specialty Pharmacies 전문 약국
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