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Gaps in Ambulatory Patient Safety for Immunosuppressive Specialty Medications.

Letter to the editor: Arithmetic error in Bland, J. M., & Altman, D. G. (2007). Agreement between methods of measurement with multiple observations per individual

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Analyzing the costs of developing and operating an integrated health-system specialty pharmacy: The case of a centralized insurance navigation process for specialty clinic patients.

Patient Assistance Programs and Anti-Kickback Laws.

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Limited role of patient input in specialty drug coverage policies.

Little Consistency In Evidence Cited By Commercial Plans For Specialty Drug Coverage.

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Specialty Drug Price Trends in the Federal 340B Drug Discount Program.

Sending The Wrong Price Signal: Why Do Some Brand-Name Drugs Cost Medicare Beneficiaries Less Than Generics?

National trends in prescription drug expenditures and projections for 2019.

Promoting transitions of care, safety, and medication adherence for patients taking fingolimod in community pharmacies.

Now Is the Time for Transparency in Value-Based Healthcare Decision Modeling.

Disease modifying therapies continue to drive up health care cost among individuals with multiple sclerosis.

Implementing a specialty pharmacy course within a professional pharmacy curriculum.

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Policy options for addressing the high cost of specialty pharmaceuticals

Drug Pricing and Value in Oncology.

Variation in health plan specialty drug coverage: an empirical analysis

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Specialty Drug 전문의약품

Specialty Drug 전문의약품
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