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Efficient Beamforming Training and Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave OFDM Systems

On Compressed Sensing of Binary Signals for the Unsourced Random Access Channel

Comparing Deep Learning Frameworks for Photoacoustic Tomography Image Reconstruction

Data-driven sparse reconstruction of flow over a stalled aerofoil using experimental data

Explainable artificial intelligence: Linking domain knowledge and machine interpretation using cognitive sampling of acoustical datasets

Data-driven interpretable models of wave dynamics for infrasound monitoring

OnboardDepth: Depth Prediction for Onboard Systems

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Graph-time signal processing: Filtering and sampling strategies

SpHMC: Spectral Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

Shallow water channel estimation with energy efficient transmitted signal design.

Wideband Spectrum Sensing via Derived Correlation Matrix Completion Based on Generalized Coprime Sampling

A Behavior-Based Population Tracker Can Parse Aggregate Measurements to Differentiate Agents

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Sparse Sensing 희소 감지

Sparse Sensing 희소 감지
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