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Deletion of the small GTPase rac1 in Trichoderma reesei provokes hyperbranching and impacts growth and cellulase production

Functional link between mitochondria and Rnr3, the minor catalytic subunit of yeast ribonucleotide reductase

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Community development in the face of resource extraction in northern Minnesota, USA

Adapting wildland fire governance to climate change in Alaska

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Effects of oil export revenue on economic growth in Nigeria: A time varying analysis of resource curse

Economic diversification and the role of non-oil sector in the united arab emirates

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Source Dependent sentence examples within source dependent state

Narrative of Governance Crisis in Nigeria : Allegories of Resource Curse and ‘ Emergence ’ from Tunde Kelani ’ s Saworoide and Agogo-Èèw ọ

Illicit financial flows and inequality in Africa: How to reverse the tide in Zimbabwe

Research on inspection and certification industry based on dissipative structure theory

Nurse roles in antimicrobial stewardship: lessons from public sectors models of acute care service delivery in the United Kingdom

Caring for patients with Ebola virus disease: Are U.S. biocontainment centers ready for the next outbreak?

The political economy of results-based financing: the experience of the health system in Zimbabwe

Framework for cost-effective analytical modelling for sensory data over cloud environment

Estimation of Noise Using Non-local Regularization Frameworks for Image Denoising and Analysis

How should resource‐rich countries diversify? Estimating forward‐linkage effects of mining on productivity growth


Effect of inclusion level of corn germ meal on the digestible and metabolizable energy and evaluation of ileal AA digestibility of corn germ meal fed to growing pigs.

Work integrated learning initiatives: live case studies as a mainstream WIL assessment

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Source Dependent 소스 종속

Source Dependent 소스 종속
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