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Biophysical applications in structural and molecular biology

Structural Biology for the Molecular Insight between Aptamers and Target Proteins

Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste: Response to the Pandemic

Evolution of standardization and dissemination of cryo-EM structures and data jointly by the community, PDB, and EMDB

Native Mass Spectrometry Meets Glycomics: Resolving Structural Detail and Occupancy of Glycans on Intact Glycoproteins.

Ultrahigh-Resolution, Label-Free Hyperlens Imaging in the Mid-IR.

On the structure of the singular set of solutions in one class of 3D time-optimal control problems

Engineering nucleosomes for generating diverse chromatin assemblies

Interface Refinement of Low-to-Medium Resolution Cryo-EM Complexes using HADDOCK2.4

Recent advances in the understanding of trimeric autotransporter adhesins

Electron Diffraction of Pyrene Nanoclusters Embedded in Superfluid Helium Droplets.

Physical properties of the X-ray gas as a dynamical diagnosis for galaxy clusters

Bacteriophage MS2 displays unreported capsid variability assembling T = 4 and mixed capsids

Solving a Structure in the Reciprocal Space, Real Space and Both by Using the EXPO Software

Brain imaging with extended-focus optical coherence tomography at different scales and spectral ranges (Conference Presentation)

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