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Has financial inclusion made the financial sector riskier?

Has Financial Inclusion Made the Financial Sector Riskier?

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Financial Reporting and Consumer Behavior


Impacts of the sovereign risk perception on financial stability: Evidence from Brazil

The Role of Non-Performing Asset, Capital, Adequacy and Insolvency Risk on Bank Performance: A Case Study in Indonesia

Analyzing The Effect Of Bank Characteristic On Profitability In Banking Companies Listed In Indonesia Stock Exchange

Diversity and risk taking in Islamic banks: Does public listing matter?

Revisiting British Investment in Latin America: The River Plate Trust Group, 1879–1963

Social Responsibility and Bank Resiliency

Gender Differences in Reserving Conservatism: Evidence from the U.S. Property-Liability Insurance Industry

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The Economics of Insurance: A Derivatives-Based Approach

Corporate board vigilance and insolvency risk: a mediated moderation model of debt maturity and fixed collaterals

Risk-Sharing and Contingent Premia in the Presence of Systematic Risk: The Case Study of the UK COVID-19 Economic Losses

Does corporate environmentalism affect corporate insolvency risk? The role of market power and competitive intensity

Fintech & Risks. A Bibliometric Analysis

Impact of Ownership Structure on the Performance & Profitability of Banks.

Financial health of Syariah and non-Syariah banks: a comparative analysis

Measuring risk exposure in the banking sectors: evidence from Gulf Cooperation countries

Artificial Intelligence Approach to Secure Pension Fund

Measuring technical efficiency associated with environmental investment: does market competition and risk matters in banking sector

Shock Amplification in an Interconnected Financial System of Banks and Investment Funds

An insurance risk process with a generalized income process: A solvency analysis

Financing structure and bankruptcy risk in sharia commercial banks in Indonesia

Credit unions vs. commercial banks, who takes more risk?

Peer effects of bank loan portfolio on systemic insolvency risk: evidence from China

Statistical-Economic Design of Control Chart If The Vector of Target Values of Multi-Variables Shifts With Time

Sustainable Banking, Market Power, and Efficiency: Effects on Banks’ Profitability and Risk

How are the United States Banks faring during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Evidence of Economic Efficiency Measures

Factors Affecting Bank Risks in Vietnam

Examination of Interest-Growth Differentials and the Risk of Sovereign Insolvency

The costs and benefits of reinsurance

Assessing the efficiency and total factor productivity growth of the banking industry: do environmental concerns matters?

Economies of scope, organizational form, and insolvency risk: Evidence from the takaful industry

Gender diversity and corporate risk-taking: a literature review

Insolvency Risk of European SMEs during Pandemic

Corporate governance and the insolvency risk of financial institutions

Tail index-linked annuity: A longevity risk sharing retirement plan

The moderating role of financial innovation on financial risks, business risk and firm value nexus: Empirical evidence from Nigeria

Effect of Liquidity, Credit, and Solvency Risk on Corporate Innovation: Empirical Evidence from Emerging Economies & Developed Countries

Insolvency Risk and Value Maximization: A Convergence between Financial Management and Risk Management

Corporate governance and financial stability in US banks: Do indirect interlocks matter?

Modélisation du risque de solvabilité des PME : une application de la méthode du crédit scoring

고령화가 금융기관�?� 경�?환경�? 미치는 �?향과 예보�?� 역할 (The Effects of Population Aging on Business Environment of Financial Institutions and the Role of the KDIC)


Islamic ethics, capital structure and profitability of banks; what makes Islamic banks different?

Endogenous Insolvency in the Rothschild–Stiglitz Model

Bank consolidation and financial stability in Indonesia

Loan portfolio diversification, market structure and bank stability

Market Monitoring and Influence: Evidence from Deposit Pricing and Liability Composition from 1986 to 2013

The Effects of Going Public on Bank Risks: Evidence from China

The Use of Data Envelopment Analysis to Select Financial Strategies for Industrial Enterprises

On the distribution of classic and some exotic ruin times

Determinants of Central Eastern European Banks’ Adequacy Risk

Análise da relação entre rentabilidade e estratégias de gestão do capital de giro das empresas listadas na B3

Opaque Bank Assets and Optimal Equity Capital

To pay or not pay: Board remuneration and insolvency risk in credit unions

In Trust, Data: The Trust as a Data Management Tool

Assessment of Current Regulation and Practice of RMBS Programmes

The impact of revenue diversification on bank profitability and risk: evidence from MENA banking industry

Riskiness of lending to small businesses: a dynamic panel data analysis

Assessment of the Insolvency Risk in Companies Listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange


Systemic risk affected by country level development. The case of the European banking sector

Stealing Deposits: Deposit Insurance, Risk‐Taking, and the Removal of Market Discipline in Early 20th‐Century Banks

Impacts of risk and competition on the profitability of banks: Empirical evidence from Pakistan

Can Shariah board characteristics influence risk-taking behavior of Islamic banks?

Bank Competition, Efficiency, and Stability in Macau

Liquidity at Risk: Joint Stress Testing of Solvency and Liquidity

Fiscal sustainability in developing Asia – new evidence from panel correlated common effect model

Board size, chief risk officer and risk-taking in Islamic banks: role of shariah supervisory board(Saiz Lembaga Pengarah, Ketua Pegawai Risiko dan Pengambilan Risiko di Bank-bankIslam: Peranan Lembaga Penyeliaan Syariah)

The Impact of Public Debt on Economic Growth in Ukraine

Black Gold’s Price Plunge: Are Conventional and Islamic Banks Equally Vulnerable?

Transforming urban energy systems: The role of local governments’ regional energy master plan

Editorial: Getting into risk management and financial sustainability issues

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