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Microscopic Understanding of the Ionic Networks of “Water-in-Salt” Electrolytes

Lithium dendrite-free plating/stripping: a new synergistic lithium ion solvation structure effect for reliable lithium-sulfur full batteries.

Solvation Structures sentence examples within Ion Solvation Structures

Correlating Li-Ion Solvation Structures and Electrode Potential Temperature Coefficients.

Elucidating the mechanism behind the infrared spectral features and dynamics observed in the carbonyl stretch region of organic carbonates interacting with lithium ions.

Decoupling the degradation factors of Ni-rich NMC/Li metal batteries using concentrated electrolytes

The Role Of The Membrane In Transporter Folding And Activity.

Investigation of alkali and alkaline earth solvation structures in tetraglyme solvent.

Liquid state properties of SEI components in dimethoxyethane.

Understanding Structural and Transport Properties of Dissolved Li2 S8 in Ionic Liquid Electrolytes through Molecular Dynamics Simulations.

An Atomic Insight into the Chemical Origin and Variation of Dielectric Constant in Liquid Electrolytes.

Can Aqueous Zinc-Air Batteries Work at Sub-Zero Temperatures?

Visualization of solvation structure on Li4Ti5O12(111)/ ionic liquid-based electrolyte interface by atomic force microscopy

Solvation sheath reorganization enables divalent metal batteries with fast interfacial charge transfer kinetics

How Hydrogen Bonding Amplifies Isomeric Differences in Pyridones toward Strong Changes in Acidity and Tautomerism

Ion Agglomeration and Transport in MgCl2-Based Electrolytes for Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries.

Atomic-Level Viscosity Distribution in the Hydration Layer.

Structural and Transport Properties of Li/S Battery Electrolytes: Role of the Polysulfide Species

Role of water in molecular oxygen activation in hydrated chromium(I) cluster ions: A theoretical insight

Solvation Structure and Dynamics of Li+ in Ternary Ionic Liquid-Lithium Salt Electrolytes.

Structure and Dynamics of the Hydration Shell: Spatially Decomposed Time Correlation Approach.

Molecular-Level Understanding of Structures and Dynamics of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids around Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Different Effects between Alkyl Chains of Cations and Nanotube Diameters

Three-Dimensional Reference Interaction Site Model Self-Consistent Field Study on the Coordination Structure and Excitation Spectra of Cu(II)-Water Complexes in Aqueous Solution.

Microsolvation Structures of Protonated Glycine and l-Alanine.

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