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Rare earth element and strontium isotope geochemistry in Dujiali Lake, central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China: Implications for the origin of hydromagnesite deposits

Hysteretic Response of Solutes and Turbidity at the Event Scale Across Forested Tropical Montane Watersheds

Anthropogenic and catchment characteristic signatures in the water quality of Swiss rivers: a quantitative assessment

Geochemical Constraints on the Origin and Evolution of Spring Waters in the Changdu‐Lanping‐Simao Basin, Southwestern China

Quantitative source apportionment of water solutes and CO2 consumption of the whole Yarlung Tsangpo River basin in Tibet, China

How landscape heterogeneity governs stream water concentration-discharge behavior in carbonate terrains (Konza Prairie, USA)

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Solute Sources 용질 소스

Solute Sources 용질 소스
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