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Defective Sr0.9Mo0.9O3−δ perovskites with exsolved Ni nanoparticles as high-performance composite anodes for solid-oxide fuel cells

A novel ammonia solid oxide fuel cell-based powering system with on-board hydrogen production for clean locomotives

Performance of Two-Dimensional Functionally Graded Anode Supported Solid-Oxide Fuel Cells

Sintering/Crystallization and Viscosity of Sealing Glass-Ceramics

Solid oxide fuel cells based on ceramic membranes with mixed conductivity: improving efficiency

Techno-economic assessment and smart management of an integrated fuel cell-based energy system with absorption chiller for power, hydrogen, heating, and cooling in an electrified railway network

Numerical modeling to determine the limits on photovoltaic capacity when operating in a microgrid with solid-oxide fuel cell triple combined-cycle plants

Evaluating uncertainties in electrochemical impedance spectra of solid oxide fuel cells

Layered oxygen-deficient double perovskite GdBaFe2O5+δ as electrode material for symmetrical solid-oxide fuel cells

Average and local ordering of Yb2(Ti2-xYbx)O7-x/2 ‘stuffed’ pyrochlores: The development of a robust structural model

Feedback-Linearization-Based Fuel-Cell Adaptive-Control Paradigm in a Microgrid Using a Wavelet-Entrenched NeuroFuzzy Framework

Criticality and Life-Cycle Assessment of Materials Used in Fuel-Cell and Hydrogen Technologies

Development and optimization of a novel solid oxide fuel cell-engine powering system for cleaner locomotives

Characterizing SOFC Stack Electrochemical Performance at Elevated Pressure

Performance and thermal stresses in functionally graded anode-supported honeycomb solid-oxide fuel cells

High oxide-ion conductivity through the interstitial oxygen site in Ba7Nb4MoO20-based hexagonal perovskite related oxides

Double stage controller optimization for load frequency stabilization in hybrid wind-ocean wave energy based maritime microgrid system

Design and exergy based optimization of a clean energy system with fuel Cell/MED and hydrogen storage option

Optimization of Two-Stage IPD-(1+I) Controllers for Frequency Regulation of Sustainable Energy Based Hybrid Microgrid Network

Computational Design and Experimental Validation of the Optimal Bimetal-Doped SrCoO3-δ Perovskite as Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Cathode.

Fuel-cell technologies for private vehicles in Brazil: Environmental mirage or prospective romance? A comparative life cycle assessment of PEMFC and SOFC light-duty vehicles.

Status of an MWth integrated gasification fuel cell power-generation system in China

Structural, transport, thermal, and electrochemical properties of (La1−xSrx)2CoO4±δ cathode in solid-oxide fuel cells

Correlating Surface Crystal Orientation and Gas Kinetics in Perovskite Oxide Electrodes.

Comparison of integrated fuel processing options for biogas-fed solid-oxide fuel cell plants

Optimal dynamic operation and modelling of parallel connected multi-stacks fuel cells with improved slime mould algorithm

Comparative Evaluation of Fuel Cell Based Powering Systems for Cleaner Locomotives

Proton-conducting ceramics based on barium hafnate and cerate doped with zirconium, yttrium and ytterbium oxides for fuel cell electrolytes

Direct ammonia solid-oxide fuel cells: A review of progress and prospects

Plasma-Sprayed (Bi2O3)0.705 (Er2O3)0.245 (WO3)0.05 Electrolyte for Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (IT-SOFCs)

Phase Evolution, Electrical Properties, and Conduction Mechanism of Ca12Al14-xGaxO33 (0 ≤ x ≤ 14) Ceramics Synthesized by a Glass Crystallization Method.

M = Ir4+,Ta5+-Doped SrCo0.95M0.05O3-δ Perovskites: Promising Solid-Oxide Fuel-Cell Cathodes

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Solid Oxide Fuel 고체 산화물 연료

Solid Oxide Fuel 고체 산화물 연료
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