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Three inventions shaping the future of ESP technology

Enhancement of sustainable flux by optimizing filtration mode of a high-solid anaerobic membrane bioreactor during long-term continuous treatment of food waste.

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CFD Modeling of Commercial Slurry Flow Through Horizontal Pipeline

Characterization of Concentration-Dependent Gelation Behavior of Aqueous 2,2,6,6-Tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl-Cellulose Nanocrystal Dispersions Using Dynamic Light Scattering.

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Factors controlling sediment and nutrient fluxes in a small microtidal salt marsh within the Venice Lagoon.

Silicate weathering rate and its controlling factors: A study from small granitic watersheds in the Jiuhua Mountains

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Heat transfer performance of two oil-based nanofluids containing ZnO and MgO nanoparticles; a comparative experimental investigation

How to Estimate Material Parameters for Multiphase, Multicomponent Precipitation Modeling

Hydrothermal Liquefaction of an Animal Carcass for Biocrude Oil

Effect of secondary flow on gas-solid flow regimes in lifting elbows

Existence and stability of heat and fluid flow in the presence of nanoparticles along a curved surface by mean of dual nature solution

CFD modeling of erosion wear in pipe bend for the flow of bottom ash suspension

Redistribution of Electron Equivalents between Magnetite and Aqueous Fe2+ Induced by a Model Quinone Compound AQDS.

Effects of effluent acidification on filtration characteristics in sidestream AnMBRs

Effects of Cationic Polyacrylamide and Cationic Starch on Aquatic Life.

On the rheological properties of MWCNT-TiO2/oil hybrid nanofluid: An experimental investigation on the effects of shear rate, temperature, and solid concentration of nanoparticles

A local cluster-structure-dependent drag model for Eulerian simulation of gas-solid flow in CFB risers

Bubble size distribution and mass transfer on a three-phase electroflotation column

Synthesis and characterization of kaolinite coated with copper oxide and its effect on the removal of aqueous Lead(II) ions

Strength efficiency evaluation of cemented tailings backfill with different stratified structures

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Synthesis and characterization of zinc oxide-kaolinite composite and its effect on the removal of aqueous lead(ii) ions

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Solid Concentrations 고체 농도

Solid Concentrations 고체 농도
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