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Developing self-compatible diploid potato germplasm through recurrent selection

Inheritance of steroidal glycoalkaloids in potato tuber flesh

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Assessing the Contribution of Sli to Self-Compatibility in North American Diploid Potato Germplasm Using KASP™ Markers

Germplasm with Resistance to Potato virus Y Derived from Solanum chacoense: Clones M19 (39–7) and M20 (XD3)

Genome-wide Simple Sequence Repeat Markers in Potato: Abundance, Distribution, Composition, and Polymorphism.

Status of the Ex Situ and In Situ Conservation of Brazilian Crop Wild Relatives of Rice, Potato, Sweet Potato, and Finger Millet: Filling the Gaps of Germplasm Collections

Allelic variants of the NLR protein Rpi‐chc1 differentially recognize members of the Phytophthora infestans PexRD12/31 effector superfamily through the leucine‐rich repeat domain

VviFSK and VviFTK, Two Novel Genes Encoding Putative Non-RD Receptor Kinases Associated with Reproductive Development in Grapevine

Phytotoxic potential of cultivated and wild potato species (Solanum sp.): role of glycoalkaloids, phenolics and flavonoids in phytotoxicity against mustard (Sinapis alba L.)

The complete chloroplast genome of wild diploid potato species Solanum chacoense bitter

Pathways to defense metabolites and evading fruit bitterness in genus Solanum evolved through 2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases

PCR-based markers developed by comparison of complete chloroplast genome sequences discriminate Solanum chacoense from other Solanum species

Pollination Type Recognition from a Distance by the Ovary Is Revealed Through a Global Transcriptomic Analysis

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Solanum Chacoense 솔라넘 샤코엔스

Solanum Chacoense 솔라넘 샤코엔스
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