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A comparison study of modulation methods for three-phase dual-active-bridge converters in battery charging applications

Closed-Form Asymmetrical Duty-Cycle Control to Extend the Soft-Switching Range of Three-Phase Dual-Active-Bridge Converters

Hybrid Duty Modulation for Dual Active Bridge Converter to Minimize RMS Current and Extend Soft-Switching Range Using the Frequency Domain Analysis

Optimization of LLC Resonant Converter With Two Degrees of Freedom Based on Operation Stage Trajectory Analysis

An Explicit Discrete-Time Large- and Small-Signal Modeling of the Dual Active Bridge DC–DC Converter Based on the Time Scale Methodology

A Soft-Switching Double-Input Micro-Inverter

Single-Phase Isolated AC-AC Symmetrical Full-Bridge Converter

Communication-Free Power Management Strategy for the Multiple DAB-Based Energy Storage System in Islanded DC Microgrid

A Coupling-Insensitive X-Type IPT System for High Position Tolerance

Variable Frequency Zero Voltage Switching Stacked-up Converter

Analytical Solution For Minimum RMS Current and Reactive Power Modulation of A Soft Switched Dual Active Bridge Converter

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Soft Switching Range 소프트 스위칭 범위

Soft Switching Range 소프트 스위칭 범위
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