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The effects of surface compliance on greyhound galloping dynamics

Cyclic polypropylene pipeline coating interface strength with granular materials at low stress

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On the effect of substrate viscoelasticity on the evaporation kinetics and deposition patterns of nano-suspension drops.

Myosin IIA suppresses glioblastoma development in a mechanically sensitive manner

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Use of ambient noise records in seismic engineering: An approach to identify potentially liquefiable sites

Ambient noise and ERT data provide insights into the structure of co-seismic rock avalanche deposits in Sichuan (China)

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Soft surface electrode based on PDMS-CB conductive polymer for electrocardiogram recordings

Soft dry electroophthalmogram electrodes for human machine interaction.

The morphological and histopathological assessment of Alagille syndrome with extrahepatic bile duct obstruction: the importance of the differential diagnosis with subgroup “o” biliary atresia

Dynamics of a droplet on a polymer brush in channel flow

Post-accident evidence basis for new equestrian standards: Relationship between helmet liner residual crush and accident parameters

Hard–Soft Groove Gap Waveguide Based on Perpendicularly Stacked Corrugated Metal Plates

Experimental investigation of physicochemical, thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of polylactide/rice straw hydrochar composite

Magnetic Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Directing Myofibroblast Activity in Adipose‐Derived Stem Cells

Association between musculoskeletal function and postural balance in patients with long-lasting dizziness. A cross-sectional study.

Water droplet bouncing dynamics


RNASeq analysis of a Pax3-expressing myoblast clone in-vitro and effect of culture surface stiffness on differentiation

Fine-wire electromyography of the transverse head of adductor hallucis during locomotion.

A Double-layer Multibeam Antenna with 45° Linear Polarization Based on Gap Waveguide Technology

Efficacy of aerosolized hydrogen peroxide (Deprox) cleaning compared to physical cleaning in a Burns Unit.

Bacterial Superoleophobic Fibrous Matrices: A Naturally Occurring Liquid-Infused System for Oil-Water Separation.

Bouncing-to-wetting transition of water droplets impacting soft solids.

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Biosynthesis of Iron and Cobalt Nanoparticles Using Garlic (Allium cativum) Extract and their Some Applications

Effects of Plyometric Training on Soft and Hard Surfaces for Improving Running Economy

Does somatosensory feedback from the plantar foot sole contribute to verticality perception?

Reliability of IMU-Derived Static Balance Parameters in Neurological Diseases

Movement asymmetries in horses presented for pre purchase or lameness examination.

Numerical modeling of lander interaction with a low-gravity asteroid regolith surface

Effects of the Addition of Titanium Dioxide; Sodium Silicate and Silica Nanoparticles on the Elimination of Bacteria and Viruses in a Physical Field

Assessment of Static and Dynamic Balance in Swimmers

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Selective killing of transformed cells by mechanical stretch.

Haptic Ankle Platform for Interactive Walking in Virtual Reality.

Fabrication of Porous Aluminum Coating by Cored Wire Arc Spray for Anchoring Antifouling Hydrogel Layer

Comparison of Serotonin-Regulated Calcific Processes in Aortic and Mitral Valvular Interstitial Cells

Broadband 120 GHz L-Probe Differential Feed Dual-Polarized Patch Antenna With Soft Surface

Structural deformation/instability of the co-extrudate rubber profiles due to die swell: Experimental and CFD studies with 3D models

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Model of positioning objects by the system of oblique friction force fields on horizontal and vertically offset planes

Altered neuromuscular activity and postural stability during standing balance tasks in persons with non-specific neck pain.

Predictors of the Use of Enrichment Items in Colony Housed Shelter Cats.

Lateral Undulation of the Bendable Body of a Gecko-Inspired Robot for Energy-Efficient Inclined Surface Climbing

Experimental investigation on the dynamic wetting of deformable substrates: Influence of the rheology of substrate and wetting liquid and external body force

Bouncing-to-wetting transition for impact of water droplets on soft solids

Effect of core hydrophobicity on the electrophoresis of pH-regulated soft particles.

Correlative cryo-ET identifies actin/tropomyosin filaments that mediate cell–substrate adhesion in cancer cells and mechanosensitivity of cell proliferation

Differences in equine spinal kinematics between straight line and circle in trot

Evaluation of the stance phases of warmblood sport horses on soft and hard surfaces by infrared optical sensors

Fabrication and luminescent studies of near-spherical phosphor embedded epoxy-resin nanocomposite beads

Shear type and magnitude affect aortic valve endothelial cell morphology, orientation, and differentiation.

Development of Contact Area Variable Surface for Manipulation Requiring Sliding

Design and Analysis of a Square-Shaped Continuum Robot With Better Grasping Ability

Development of vanillin/β-cyclodexterin inclusion microcapsules using flax seed gum-rice bran protein complex coacervates.

Magnetowetting dynamics of sessile ferrofluid drops on soft surfaces.

Pain, fatigue, function and participation among long-term manual wheelchair users partnered with a mobility service dog

Attachment beyond the adhesive system: the contribution of claws in gecko clinging and locomotion.

Effects of the skin softness on coefficient of friction while a finger slides on the skin

Towards the construction of GSMN-based community model for an oral biofilm

Brushing the surface: cascade reactions between immobilized nanoreactors.

Comparison of walking characteristics in functional ambulators individuals with spinal cord injury and able-bodied individuals as measured by parameters extracted from wearable sensors

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Reversible and Stable Wetting States of a Hierarchically Wrinkled Surface Tuned by Mechanical Strain.

The Effects of Coordination Trainings on Different Surfaces on the Slalom Downhill Speed Velocity of Snowboarders

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Clinical and endoscopic characteristics analysis of 116 patients with pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis in colon

Flexible Micropillar Electrode Arrays for In Vivo Neural Activity Recordings.

A comparison of the length and width of static inked two-dimensional bare footprints found on a hard compared to a soft surface.

Adhesive Tough Magnetic Hydrogels with High Fe3O4 Content.

How can Dermanyssus gallinae (De Geer 1778) (Acari: Anactinotrichida: Dermanyssidae) walk upwards on slippery surfaces?

Ground Truth Force Distribution for Learning-Based Tactile Sensing: A Finite Element Approach

Increased postural stiffness during challenging postural tasks in patients with knee osteoarthritis with high pain sensitization

Special Issue on Precision Dimensional Measurements

Soft-sheath, stiff-core microfiber hydrogel for coating vascular implants.


The sinkage characteristics and prediction of a planetary rover based on a similarity model experiment

Inchworm-inspired soft climbing robot using microspine arrays

Supersolvophobic Soft Wetting: Nanoscale Elastocapillarity, Adhesion, and Retention of a Drop Behaving as a Nanoparticle

Goats decrease hindlimb stiffness when walking over compliant surfaces

The Use of Copper as an Antimicrobial Agent in Health Care, Including Obstetrics and Gynecology

Effects of Wheel Grouser Angle of Attack on Simulated Robot Wheel Performance on Soft Sand with High Slip Condition

Adhesion and Particle Removal from Surface-tethered Poly(N-Isopropylacrylamide) Coatings Using Hydrodynamic Shear Forces.

National geohazards mapping in Europe: Interferometric analysis of the Netherlands

Flexible Biosensors for the Impedimetric Detection of Protein Targets Using Silk-Conductive Polymer Biocomposites.

Wideband mutual coupling reduction and scan blindness elimination in a microstrip patch phased array antenna with truncated soft surface structures

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Soft Surface 부드러운 표면

Soft Surface 부드러운 표면
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