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Novel Pickering High Internal Phase Emulsion Stabilized by Food Waste-Hen Egg Chalaza

Indentation creep tests to assess the viscoelastic properties of soft materials: Theory, method and experiment

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Rheology of protein-stabilised emulsion gels envisioned as composite networks. 2 - Framework for the study of emulsion gels.

Review of recent advances in the preparation, properties, and applications of high internal phase emulsions

Fabrication of polysaccharide-based high internal phase emulsion gels: Enhancement of curcumin stability and bioaccessibility

Immersed cantilever apparatus for mechanics and microscopy

Model of spontaneous droplet transport on a soft viscoelastic substrate with nonuniform thickness.

Sign determination of dipolar couplings in liquid crystals by off-magic-angle sample spinning

Boundary viscoelasticity theory at finite deformations and computational implementation using isogeometric analysis

Dynamics & Spectroscopy with Neutrons—Recent Developments & Emerging Opportunities

Deep indentation and puncture of a rigid cylinder inserted into a soft solid.

Fourier and Laplace-like low-field NMR spectroscopy: The perspectives of multivariate and artificial neural networks analyses.

Energetics of cracks and defects in soft materials: The role of surface stress

Meso-scale dislocations and friction of shape-complementary soft interfaces

Calibrating surface hyperelastic constitutive models in soft solids.

Amelioration of the stability of polyunsaturated fatty acids and bioactive enriched vegetable oil: blending, encapsulation, and its application.

Measuring Surface Tensions of Soft Solids with Huge Contact-Angle Hysteresis

Dynamic cavitation in soft solids under monotonically increasing pressure

Gastric partitioning for the treatment of malignant gastric outlet obstruction

Electroadhesion for soft adhesive pads and robotics: theory and numerical results.

A conservative and non-dissipative Eulerian formulation for the simulation of soft solids in fluids

Elastocapillarity-based transport of liquids in flexible confinements and over soft substrates

A surface with stress, extensional elasticity, and bending stiffness.

Stress concentration around an elliptical hole with surface tension based on the original Gurtin–Murdoch model

Hencky Strain and Logarithmic Rate for Unified Approach to Constitutive Modeling of Continua

A PDMS‐based broadband acoustic impedance matched material for underwater applications

Milk Emulsions: Structure and Stability

Numerical Modeling of Shear Banding Formation in Rheometry

Modeling and simulations of two dimensional propagation of shear shock waves in relaxing soft solids

Piecewise parabolic method for propagation of shear shock waves in relaxing soft solids: One-dimensional case.

Development of a centrifugal separator for grape marc: effect of the blade position and rotor speed on grape seed separation performance

Response of bimaterials with interfacial tension subjected to axisymmetric body force

Soft Nucleation of an Elastic Crease.

An exact dual-integral formulation of the indentation of finite, free-standing, end-supported adhesive elastic layers

Hydraulic fracture geometry in ultrasoft polymer networks

Rayleigh–Taylor instability in a confined elastic soft cylinder

Rotator phases in alkane systems: In bulk, surface layers and micro/nano-confinements.

A device to fracture soft solids at high speeds

Molecular dynamics of soft wetting

Stress, strain and mechanical power: Is material science the answer to prevent ventilator induced lung injury?

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Soft Solids 부드러운 고체

Soft Solids 부드러운 고체
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