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Soft Sensors sentence examples within Driven Soft Sensors

Soft sensor development based on kernel dynamic time warping and a relevant vector machine for unequal-length batch processes

Enhanced virtual sample generation based on manifold features: Applications to developing soft sensor using small data.

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Adaptive Soft Sensors

Support vector regression modeling in recursive just-in-time learning framework for adaptive soft sensing of naphtha boiling point in crude distillation unit

Estimating the reliability of predictions in locally weighted partial least‐squares modeling

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Traditional Soft Sensors

Dynamic Soft Sensor for Anaerobic Digestion of Kitchen Waste Based on SGSTGAT

Transfer learning soft sensor for product quality prediction in multi-grade processes

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Integrated Soft Sensors

A Soft Pneumatic Actuator with Integrated Deformation Sensing Elements Produced Exclusively with Extrusion Based Additive Manufacturing

OmniFiber: Integrated Fluidic Fiber Actuators for Weaving Movement based Interactions into the ‘Fabric of Everyday Life’

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Reliable Soft Sensors

Comparison of support vector regression- and neural network-based soft sensors for cement plant exhaust gas composition

Domain adaptation transfer learning soft sensor for product quality prediction

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Developing Soft Sensors

An investigation of the relative impact of process and shape factor variables on milk powder quality

Soft-Sensor Development for Processes With Multiple Operating Modes Based on Semisupervised Gaussian Mixture Regression

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Resistive Soft Sensors

Differential Sensing Method for Multidimensional Soft Angle Measurement Using Coiled Conductive Polymer Fiber

Design Considerations for 3D Printed, Soft, Multimaterial Resistive Sensors for Soft Robotics

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Develop Soft Sensors

Developing ultrasonic soft sensors to measure rheological properties of non-Newtonian drilling fluids

Machine Learning-Based Soft Sensors for the Estimation of Laundry Moisture Content in Household Dryer Appliances

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Designing Soft Sensors

Deep Learning based Soft Sensor for Bioprocess Application

Soft sensors design in a petrochemical process using an Evolutionary Algorithm

Soft Sensors sentence examples within Embedded Soft Sensors

A 3D Printed Soft Prosthetic Hand with Embedded Actuation and Soft Sensing Capabilities for Directly and Seamlessly Switching Between Various Hand Gestures

A highly stretchable hydrogel sensor for soft robot multi-modal perception

Soft Sensors sentence examples within soft sensors play

Prediction Performance and Economic Efficiency of Soft Sensors for in-Line Water Content Monitoring in Fluidized Bed Granulation: PP-Based Model vs. NIRS-Based Model.

Nonlinear industrial soft sensor development based on semi-supervised probabilistic mixture of extreme learning machines

Soft Sensors sentence examples within soft sensors may

Soft-sensor development for monitoring the lysine fermentation process.

Soft sensor design based on phase partition ensemble of LSSVR models for nonlinear batch processes.

Soft Sensors sentence examples within soft sensors provide

Robust Elbow Angle Prediction With Aging Soft Sensors via Output-Level Domain Adaptation

Two-Stream Deep Feature-Based Froth Flotation Monitoring Using Visual Attention Clues

Kirigami-inspired dual-parameter tactile sensor with ultrahigh sensitivity, multimodal and strain-insensitive features

Mussel-inspired and aromatic disulfide-mediated polyurea-urethane with rapid self-healing performance and water-resistance.

Disturbance monitoring and compensation in soft sensing of mill load in thermal power plant

Architected elastomer networks for optimal electromechanical response

Condition Assessment of Industrial Gas Turbine Compressor Using a Drift Soft Sensor Based in Autoencoder

Support Vector Machine-based Soft Sensors in the Isomerisation Process

Soft sensor development for monitoring ASTM-D86 Index: Effect of feed flow rate change

A Review on Soft Sensors for Monitoring, Control, and Optimization of Industrial Processes

Non-volatile conductive gels made from deep eutectic solvents and oxidised cellulose nanofibrils

Review of Soft Sensors in Anaerobic Digestion Process

On the use of correlation analysis in the estimation of finite-time delay in Soft Sensors design

Quality Variable Prediction for Nonlinear Dynamic Industrial Processes Based on Temporal Convolutional Networks

Data based model predictive control for ring rolling

A multimodal analysis method based on border-peeling clustering for soft sensor

Echo-state networks for soft sensor design in an SRU process

AutoSS: A Deep Learning-Based Soft Sensor for Handling Time-Series Input Data

RNN- and LSTM-Based Soft Sensors Transferability for an Industrial Process

Development of Soft Sensor Based on Sequential Kernel Fuzzy Partitioning and Just-in-Time Relevance Vector Machine for Multiphase Batch Processes

Ultra-stretchable, self-adhesive, transparent, and ionic conductive organohydrogel for flexible sensor

Feature selection and regularization of interpretable soft sensors using evolutionary multi-objective optimization design procedures

A Deep Probabilistic Transfer Learning Framework for Soft Sensor Modeling With Missing Data.

Mussel-inspired waterproof and self-healing polyurethane with enhanced mechanical properties

Using Soft Sensors as a Basis of an Innovative Architecture for Operation Planning and Quality Evaluation in Agricultural Sprayers †

Special issue on embodied haptic technology for human augmentation

Augmented Multidimensional Convolutional Neural Network for Industrial Soft Sensing

Industrial Semi-Supervised Dynamic Soft-Sensor Modeling Approach Based on Deep Relevant Representation Learning

Fusing Dexterity and Perception for Soft Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery: What We Learnt from STIFF-FLOP

Development of Robust and Physically Interpretable Soft Sensor for Industrial Distillation Column Using Transfer Learning with Small Datasets

A Method for Rapid Self-Calibration of Wearable Soft Strain Sensors

Semisupervised Bayesian Gaussian Mixture Models for Non-Gaussian Soft Sensor

A Soft Resistive Sensor with a Semicircular Cross-Sectional Channel for Soft Cardiac Catheter Ablation

The use of first principles model for evaluation of adaptive soft sensor for multicomponent distillation unit

Polyvinyl chloride reinforced soft silicone curvature sensor with optical fiber implantation

Ensemble just-in-time learning framework through evolutionary multi-objective optimization for soft sensor development of nonlinear industrial processes

Development of RVM-Based Multiple-Output Soft Sensors With Serial and Parallel Stacking Strategies

Soft Sensors to Monitoring a Multivariate Nonlinear Process Using Neural Networks

An Industrial Digitalization Platform for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Pumping Equipment

Wearable Finger Tracking and Cutaneous Haptic Interface with Soft Sensors for Multi-Fingered Virtual Manipulation

Soft Sensor Design of Solar Irradiance Using Multiple Linear Regression

Soft Radio-Frequency Identification Sensors: Wireless Long-Range Strain Sensors Using Radio-Frequency Identification

Online sensor validation in sensor networks for bioprocess monitoring using swarm intelligence

Novel Soft Sensor for Measuring and Controlling Product Recovery in a High-Purity, Multicomponent, Side-Draw Distillation Column

A Knowledge-and-data-driven Soft Sensor for Predicting Air Preheater Rotor Deformation

Design and Implementation of a Diagnostic Scheme for Stroke Sensors in Motorcycle Semi-active Suspension Systems

Control strategy of a Multiple Hearth Furnace enhanced by machine learning algorithms

Modelling of a Soft Sensor for Exteroception and Proprioception in a Pneumatically Actuated Soft Robot

Electronic Skins Based on Liquid Metals

Prediction intervals based soft sensor development using fuzzy information granulation and an improved recurrent ELM

Bi-modal control of vacuum-powered soft pneumatic actuators with embedded liquid metal-based strain sensitive skin

Struvite image analysis and its application for product purity prediction

Building Soft Sensors using Artificial Intelligence: Use Case on Daily Solar Radiation

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