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One-Step Formation of Protein-Based Tubular Structures for Functional Devices and Tissues.

Robotic surfaces with reversible, spatiotemporal control for shape morphing and object manipulation

Multi-material direct ink writing of photocurable elastomeric foams

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Modular simulation framework for Electro-ribbon Actuators

Switchable adhesion between hydrogels by wrinkling

Self-Sustained Oscillation of a Photothermal-Responsive Pendulum under Steady Illumination

A photo-driven metallo-supramolecular stress-free reversible shape memory polymer

Fluid-like Soft Machines with Liquid Metal

The jig is up for small soft machines

Biomimetic Prosthetic Hand Enabled by Liquid Crystal Elastomer Tendons

Injectable Nanocomposite Hydrogels for Cancer Therapy.

Liquid Crystal Elastomer-Based Magnetic Composite Films for Reconfigurable Shape-Morphing Soft Miniature Machines

Dynamic Polymer Networks: A New Avenue towards Sustainable and Advanced Soft Machines

3D Printing of Electrically Responsive PVC Gel Actuators.

Self-healing materials for soft-matter machines and electronics

3D printed self-adhesive PEGDA–PAA hydrogels as modular components for soft actuators and microfluidics

A Liquid-Metal-Elastomer Nanocomposite for Stretchable Dielectric Materials.

Automatic Design of Soft Dielectric Elastomer Actuators With Optimal Spatial Electric Fields

Stretchable pumps for soft machines

Spontaneous Dispersion and Large-Scale Deformation of Gallium-Based Liquid Metal Induced by Ferric Ions.

Bioinspired dual-morphing stretchable origami

Delayed burst of a gel balloon

A Biomimetic Soft Lens Controlled by Electrooculographic Signal

Transformable soft liquid metal micro/nanomaterials

Substrate Enabled Liquid Metal Machine

Mechanochemical engineering of 2D materials for multiscale biointerfaces.

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Soft Machines 소프트 머신

Soft Machines 소프트 머신
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