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An In vitro Evaluation of Tensile Bond Strength of Soft Liners Bonded to Different Denture Base Resins

Is there an optimal method to detach Candida albicans biofilm from dental materials?

440 A Multi-Center Preference study of a Novel Oral Appliance Design and Material

Assessment of the Water Sorption and Hardness of Silicone and Acrylic-Based Soft Liners at Different Time Period: An in vitro Study

One-year clinical investigation of the effect of inclusion of three nanoparticles in the heat-cured acrylic resin denture base on the adhesion with the silicone soft-liner

Effect of plasma treatment on the bond of soft denture liner to conventional and high impact acrylic denture materials

Complete denture fracture – A proposed classification system and its incidence in National Capital Region population: A survey

Effect of sandblasting on the tensile bond strength of two permanent silicone soft liners to the denture base

Bond strength of soft liners to denture base resins and the influence of different surface treatments and thermocycling: A systematic review.

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Soft Liners 소프트 라이너

Soft Liners 소프트 라이너
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