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An efficient method for classifying motor imagery using CPSO-trained ANFIS prediction

Prediction of Experimental Surface Heat Flux of Thin Film Gauges using ANFIS

Soft Computing Methods sentence examples within New Soft Computing Methods

Comparative analysis of soft computing techniques RBF, MLP, and ANFIS with MLR and MNLR for predicting grade-control scour hole geometry

Predicting the Coefficients of Antoine Equation Using the Artificial Neural Network (TECHNICAL NOTE)

Multivariate modeling of groundwater quality using hybrid evolutionary soft-computing methods in various climatic condition areas of Iran

Predicting solubility of nitrous oxide in ionic liquids using machine learning techniques and gene expression programming

Sustainability in Energy Economy and Environment: Role of AI Based Techniques

Multivariate modeling of agricultural river water abstraction via novel integrated-wavelet methods in various climatic conditions

Environmental impacts mitigation odds by soft-computing methods

Assessment of global hydro-social indicators in water resources management

Devising a New Method for Economic Dispatch Solution and Making Use of Soft Computing Techniques to Calculate Loss Function

Performance Analysis of Students by Evaluating Their Examination Answer Scripts by Using Soft Computing Techniques

On the relationship between energy-related plants and oncological cases in Basilicata (Italy) using soft computing methods

Genetic Algorithm Control of Model Reduction Passive Quarter Car Suspension System

A Hybrid Intelligent Classification Model Based on Multilayer Perceptron Neural Networks and Fuzzy Regression for Credit Scoring Problems

A Competent Algorithm for Enhancing Low-Quality Finger Vein Images Using Fuzzy Theory

Comparative Study of Soft Computing Based High-Resolution Satellite Image Segmentation in Additive and User-Oriented Color Space

Bioinspired hybrid model to predict the hydrogen inlet fuel cell flow change of an energy storage system

A Review on Application of Soft Computing Techniques in Machining of Particle Reinforcement Metal Matrix Composites

Soft computing methods for multiobjective location of garbage accumulation points in smart cities

Web Crawler for Social Network User Data Prediction Using Soft Computing Methods

Application of fuzzy inference system to predict uniaxial compressive strength and elastic modulus of migmatites

Review of soft computing models in design and control of rotating electrical machines

A review on machining and optimization of particle-reinforced metal matrix composites

Data Fusion and Industrial Equipment Diagnostics Based on Information Technology

Denoising of Images Using Neural Network: A Review

Soft Computing-Based Intrusion Detection Approaches: An Analytical Study

Convolutional Neural Network based for Automatic Text Summarization

Image segmentation using fuzzy competitive learning based counter propagation network

Early Prediction of Non-communicable Diseases Using Soft Computing Methodology

An Entropy-Based Neighborhood Rough Set and PSO-SVRM Model for Fatigue Life Prediction of Titanium Alloy Welded Joints

Geology prediction based on operation data of TBM: comparison between deep neural network and soft computing methods

Soft Computing Methods for Tracking the Global Maximum Power Point of Photovoltaic System Subjected to Partial Shaded Conditions

Edge Detection of Different Images using Soft Computing Techniques

WIPSO, PSO and GA Techniques to Locate UPFC Effectively in Power System to Improve Voltage Stability and Reduce Losses

Estimation of contact forces of underactuated robotic finger using soft computing methods

MANFIS–GA Heat Transfer Analysis and Optimization of Fins with Elliptical Perforation

Development of an Intelligent Decision Support System for Electrical Equipment Diagnostics at Industrial Facilities

Survey on Soft Computing Methods for Accident Condition and Severity Predictions

Thermal performance of thin film heat gauges of gold, silver and nano-composite

Prediction of Ultimate Axial Capacity of Square Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Short Columns Using a Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm

Assessment of desertification vulnerability using soft computing methods

Feedforward Control Approaches to Bidirectional Antagonistic Actuators Based on Learning

Comparative Optimization Analysis of Ramp Rate Constriction Factor Based PSO and Electro Magnetism Based PSO for Economic Load Dispatch in Electric Power System

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Soft Computing Methods 소프트 컴퓨팅 방법

Soft Computing Methods 소프트 컴퓨팅 방법
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