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Assessment of Mother-Child (0 - 36 Months) Interaction, and Its Association with Socio-Emotional Development in Rural Area of Wardha District

Contact with biological parents following placement in foster care: Associations with preschool child externalizing behavior.

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Initial Evidence for Symptoms of Postpartum Parent-Infant Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (PI-ROCD) and Associated Risk for Perturbed Maternal Behavior and Infant Social Disengagement From Mother

Parent and facilitator experiences of an intensive parent and infant programme delivered in routine community settings

Language and socioemotional development in early childhood: The role of conversational turns.

Measuring and forecasting progress in education: what about early childhood?

Multilevel ecological analysis of the predictors of spanking across 65 countries

The impact of early childhood interventions on mothers

Cost-effectiveness and economic returns of group-based parenting interventions to promote early childhood development: Results from a randomized controlled trial in rural Kenya

Intervention Programs to Promote the Quality of Caregiver–Child Interactions in Childcare: A Systematic Literature Review

Effect of Parenting Interventions on Perinatal Depression and Implications for Infant Developmental Outcomes: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

Dual trajectories of parenting self-efficacy and depressive symptoms in new, postpartum mothers and socioemotional adjustment in early childhood: A growth mixture model.

Factors associated with the socioemotional development of preterm infants.

Attachment Theory and Research

Social Determinants of Health: the Impact of Racism on Early Childhood Mental Health

Mother-child mutually responsive orientation and real-time physiological coordination.

Technology Adoption for Brazilian Socioemotional Initiatives at School

A Multilevel Ecological Analysis of the Predictors of Spanking Across 65 Countries

The impact of prenatal maternal stress due to potentially traumatic events on child temperament: A systematic review.

The Relationship Between Living with Dogs and Social and Emotional Development in Childhood

Educational Intervention in Social-Emotional Competence in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Locating Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health at the Heart of Social Work.

Determinants of Behavioral Changes Since COVID-19 among Middle School Students

Study Protocol: Longitudinal Attention and Temperament Study

Armed Conflict and Early Childhood Development in 12 Low- and Middle-Income Countries

The Developmental Significance of Looks from Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence.

Knowledge of the parents about child development: an integrative review

Very preterm children and the impact on neurodevelopmental outcomes

Virtual Marce Meeting

Creating Practical Primary Care Supports for Parent-Child Relationships-Language, Literacy, and Love.

An optical window into brain function in children and adolescents: A systematic review of functional near-infrared spectroscopy studies

Child Development in Low- and Middle-Income Countries.

Caracterización de las prácticas y estrategias de resolución de conflictos en relación a la convivencia escolar y clima en el aula

Parenting interventions to promote early child development in the first three years of life: A global systematic review and meta-analysis

Does Maternal Mental Health and Maternal Stress Affect Preschoolers’ Behavioral Symptoms?

Caregivers’ estimate of early childhood developmental status in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional study

Development of an Empathy Rating Scale for Young Children.

Behavioral and Socioemotional Outcomes of the Legacy for Children Randomized Control Trial to Promote Healthy Development of Children Living in Poverty, 2 to 6 Years Postintervention.

The Effects of a Reading-Based Intervention on Emotion Processing in Children Who Have Suffered Early Adversity and War Related Trauma

Testing means to scale early childhood development interventions in rural Kenya: the Msingi Bora cluster randomized controlled trial study design and protocol

Differential Effects of Weight Status on the Relations Between Diet Quality, Socioemotional Development, and Academic Performance in U.S. Schoolchildren (P14-008-19).

Oral health, academic performance, and school absenteeism in children and adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Growth and Development of Children Living in Incarceration Environments of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Identification of Waardenburg Syndrome and the Management of Hearing Loss and Associated Sequelae: A Review for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

The Effects of Full-Day Prekindergarten: Experimental Evidence of Impacts on Children’s School Readiness

Parents’ Feelings, Coping Strategies and Sense of Parental Self-Efficacy When Dealing With Children’s Victimization Experiences

Parenting quality at two developmental periods in early childhood and their association with child development

Longitudinal Relations of Cultural Orientation and Emotional Expressivity in Chinese American Immigrant Parents: Sociocultural Influences on Emotional Development in Adulthood

Cohort Profile: Perinatal depression and child socioemotional development; the Bachpan cohort study from rural Pakistan

Improving Teacher Practices With Children Under Five: Experimental Evidence From the Mississippi Buildings Blocks


Temperament moderates developmental changes in vigilance to emotional faces in infants: Evidence from an eye-tracking study.

Factors Predicting the Development of Children With Mild Disabilities in Inclusive Preschools

Fatherhood Matters: An Integrative Review of Fatherhood Intervention Research

Exposure to environmental toxicants and young children’s cognitive and social development

Development and initial reliability and validity of a new measure of distorted maternal representations: The Mother-Infant Relationship Scale.

Assessment of the executive functions of moderate preterm children in preschool age.

Influence of Family Involvement and Children’s Socioemotional Development on the Learning Outcomes of Chilean Students

A three‐wave longitudinal assessment of socioemotional development in a year‐long school‐based ‘gap year’

Crecimiento y desarrollo de niñas y niños que viven en entornos carcelarios de la provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

Developmental cascades of social inhibition and friendships in preterm and full‐term children

Applicability and attachment findings of the Strange Situation Paradigm in infants with visual impairment.

Beyond the Bayley: Neurocognitive Assessments of Development During Infancy and Toddlerhood

Native Mexican Parents’ Beliefs About Children’s Literacy and Language Development: A Mixed-Methods Study

“The War Still Continues”: The Importance of Positive Validation for Undocumented Community College Students After Trump’s Presidential Victory

Translanguaging pedagogies and power: a view from the South

The application of the third generation of cognitive-behavioral approaches to parenting

Father involvement in the first year of life: Associations with maternal mental health and child development outcomes in rural Pakistan.

Socioemotional functioning with facial paralysis: Is there a congenital or acquired advantage?

Beyond resilience to thriving: Optimizing child wellbeing

Emotion talk during mother–child reminiscing and book sharing and children’s socioemotional competence: evidence from Costa Rica and Germany

Cardiac interaction between mother and infant: enhancement of heart rate variability

The role of community-based music and sports programmes in parental views of children’s social skills and personality

Maternal Interleukin-6 concentration during pregnancy is associated with variation in frontolimbic white matter and cognitive development in early life

Reaching the dream of optimal development for every child, everywhere: what do we know about ‘how to’?

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Socioemotional Development 사회정서발달
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