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Societal Effects sentence examples within Adverse Societal Effects

Incidence and mortality due to thromboembolic events during the COVID-19 pandemic: Multi-sourced population-based health records cohort study

Youth-onset type 2 diabetes mellitus—a distinct entity?

Societal Effects sentence examples within Negative Societal Effects

Info-Trust: A Multi-Criteria and Adaptive Trustworthiness Calculation Mechanism for Information Sources

The Fear Factor: Fear Deficits in Psychopathy as an Index of Limbic Dysregulation

Societal Effects sentence examples within Harmful Societal Effects

A Different Kind of Sharing Economy: A Literature Review of Platform Cooperatives

Algorithmic pollution: Making the invisible visible

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Building a multisystemic understanding of societal resilience to the COVID-19 pandemic

Towards polluter group specific emission corrections with 4D-Var data assimilation

Antimicrobial Resistance & Migrants in Sweden: Poor Living Conditions Enforced by Migration Control Policies as a Risk Factor for Optimal Public Health Management

Toward Modified Impact Inventory Tables to Facilitate Patient-Centered Value Assessment

FuzzyQoI-Based Estimation of the Quality of Interaction in Online Learning Amid Covid-19: A Greek Case-Study

“We Need to Do Better by Kids”: Changing Routines in U.S. Schools in Response to COVID-19 School Closures

No future, no kids–no kids, no future?

Flu-like pandemics and metaphor pre-covid: A corpus investigation

Estimating Diversity Effects in the Neighborhood: On the Role of Ethnic Diversity and Out-group Size and their Associations with Neighborhood Cohesion and Fear of Crime

Societal Effects Are a Major Factor for the Uptake of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Digital Contact Tracing App in The Netherlands

The Multi-Level Marketing Pandemic

Societal Inequality, Corruption and Relation-Based Inequality in Organizations

Food Fraud: Supply Chain Vulnerabilities and Criminal Opportunities during the COVID Pandemic

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Climate emotions and emotional climates: The emotional map of ecological crises and the blind spots on our sociological landscapes

You Haven’t Seen the Last of Men

Return to work after deceased donor kidney transplant under the kidney allocation system.

New Earth-space infrastructures enable full-scale monitoring capability

How advertising got ‘woke’: The institutional role of advertising in the emergence of gender progressive market logics and practices

Social Distancing Policies in the Coronavirus Battle: A Comparison of Denmark and Sweden

Machine learning for middle schoolers: Learning through data-driven design

Recognizing the ethical implications of stem cell research: A call for broadening the scope

COVID-19: An unwelcome guest that won’t leave

Scaling Technology Ventures in Africa: New Opportunities for Research

Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation

Fragranced consumer products and effects on asthmatics: an international population-based study

International prevalence of chemical sensitivity, co-prevalences with asthma and autism, and effects from fragranced consumer products

Participation-effect pathways in transdisciplinary sustainability research: An empirical analysis of researchers’ and practitioners’ perceptions using a systems approach

Development of indicators for the social dimension of sustainability in a U.S. business context

Temporal Strategic Knowledge-sharing Nets as Instances of Sustainability Governance in Practice

Societal Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness

A Quick and Reliable Method to Decellularize a Gracilis Flap: A Crucial Step Toward Building a Muscle.

Use of Antimicrobial Agents in Hospitalized Children for Noninfectious Indications.

Broadening the Scope and Application for Computer Games Scholarship

Chemical sensitivity, asthma, and effects from fragranced consumer products: National Population Study in the United Kingdom

Societal effects of transdisciplinary sustainability research—How can they be strengthened during the research process?

A Network Theory Approach to the Sharing Economy

Tshwane Declaration: A new dawn for Information ethics in Africa

An Integrative Pedagogical Model for the Teaching of Diversity and Social Justice in Social Work Education: The Integrative Sociopolitical and Psychological Analysis Model

Crimmigration in border security? Sorting crossing through biometric identification at Australia’s international airports

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Societal Effects 사회적 영향

Societal Effects 사회적 영향
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