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The Owner of the Right over Nature, or Expert Mediators in the Modern Era and at Present

Historical forms of the journalistic communication style in Slovakia

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Reduction and reallocation of bus use under COVID-19: an analysis of bus card data of Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Euphemism and dysphemism expression in “The Rainbow Troops” novel by Andrea Hirata

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The Meaning in English Japanese Car and Motorcycle Companies Slogan by Leech’s Theory

Социальное значение в зеркале политической корректности

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Beyond politeness markers: Multiple morphological and lexical differences index deferential meanings in Korean

Multimodality and socio-materiality of lectures in global universities’ media: accounting for bodies and things

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Mask Wearing as Cultural Behavior: An Investigation Across 45 U.S. States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Makes a Woman? Case Studies Documenting The Reasons for and Circumstances of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting in Indonesia, Ethiopia and Kenya


The Phenomenology of the Nomos

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Singing about suicidal behaviors: An analysis of Spanish Punk Music (1981-2010)

A Critique on the Book “Spheres of Justice: A Defense If Pluralism and Equality

Crianças em busca de refúgio: reflexões sobre as solicitações infantis de refúgio ao Brasil até 2016

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Defining the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

Subjective responses to emotional body odors and common odors in autism-spectrum disorders

Neural correlates of audio-visual integration of socially meaningful information in macaque monkeys

Indexing political identity in the Catalonian procés: A sociophonetic approach

Relationships between consumption patterns, health beliefs, and subjective wellbeing in Chinese Baijiu consumers

The PrEP Penalty

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Dress, Adornment, and the Body in the Hebrew Bible

Tales from the Supplementary Information: Ancestry Change in Chalcolithic–Early Bronze Age Britain Was Gradual with Varied Kinship Organization

Sounding like a father: The influence of regional dialect on perceptions of masculinity and fatherhood

This is Denmark: Prison Islands and the Detention of Immigrants

Linguistic constraint, social meaning, and multi-modal stylistic construction: Case studies from Mandarin pop songs

The signifying voice

Designing for Curves

Illegible Allegations

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Das revistas ilustradas ao fotojornalismo independente: itinerários da prática fotográfica no Brasil do século XX

Beyond staple crops: exploring the use of ‘invisible’ plant ingredients in Minoan cuisine through starch grain analysis on ceramic vessels

Boundaries of solidarity: a meta-ethnography of mask use during past epidemics to inform SARS-CoV-2 suppression

Beyond Who Is Killing Whom

Gendered Relational Work: How gender shapes money attitudes and expectations of young adults

Uma análise de teses e dissertações sobre universidade no Brasil: sentidos, historicidade e contradições

Post-pandemic tourism resilience: changes in Italians’ travel behavior and the possible responses of tourist cities

Illness: Narratives, Imagery, and Politics

The Constitutional Imaginary: Shared Meanings in Constitutional Practice and Implications for Constitutional Theory

Gender Inequality in Housework: Persistence and Change by Partnership and Parenthood Status in the Early 2000s

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Social Meaning 사회적 의미

Social Meaning 사회적 의미
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