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Smart Monitoring and Controlling of Appliances Using LoRa Based IoT System

Toward 6G Architecture for Energy-Efficient Communication in IoT-Enabled Smart Automation Systems

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Automatic Simulation Data Update: A New Innovative Way to Expedite Historical Data Extension for Models

Speedroid: A Novel Automation Testing Tool for Mobile Apps

Mobile communication of the fifth generation and its place in the transformation processes of digitalization of the economy

Smart Automation: Machine Learning Enabled Workflow for Logic and DRAM

Between Past and Future: The Mission of University of L’Aquila and Its Action on Energy and Climate Change

SMART on-board multi-sensor obstacle detection system for improvement of rail transport safety

Smart Automation to Robot

Internet of Things Enabled Robot Based Smart Room Automation and Localization System

The Challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Faced by the Labour Market: European and National Processes and Trends

Development of a regionalized implementation strategy for smart automation within assembly systems in China

Smart Automation as Enabler of Digitalization? A Review of RPA/AI Potential and Barriers to Its Realization

Innovative Smart Hoisting Assistance

RFID Based Question Paper Protection Shield

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Smart Automation 스마트 자동화

Smart Automation 스마트 자동화
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