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Potential of a SAR Small-Satellite Constellation for Rapid Monitoring of Flood Extent

Monitoring of Water Level Change in a Dam from High-Resolution SAR Data

Small Satellites sentence examples within high spatial resolution

Exploring the Use of PlanetScope Data for Particulate Matter Air Quality Research

Estimation of Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) of VNREDSat-1 satellite for image quality assessment by using the permanent test site

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Performance of Partially Deployed Spaceborne Ultra-Wideband Miura-Ori Apertures

Centroid Error Analysis of Beacon Tracking under Atmospheric Turbulence for Optical Communication Links

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Earthnet Data Assessment Pilot Framework

Application of Nanosatellites for Lunar Missions

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Small satellite synthetic aperture radar (SAR) design: A trade space exploration model

Solar Module Integrated Converters as Power Generator in Small Spacecrafts: Design and Verification Approach

Small Satellites sentence examples within Two Small Satellites

Quality assurance test and failure analysis of SiPM arrays of GECAM satellites

Venus Flagship Mission Concept: A Decadal Survey Study

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Polarization Re-Configurable Antenna with Increase Gain for Small Satellites

Comparing high order pulse position modulation to burst differential phase shift keying in intersatellite optical communications links

High Energy Modular Ensemble of Satellites Mission: Towards the final Full Constellation

Diagnostic and modelling investigation on the ion acceleration and plasma throttling effects in a dual-emitter hollow cathode micro-thruster

Image processing for a formation flying synthetic aperture telescope

New Space Response and Industrialization Strategy for Micro & Small Satellites

Modeling of onboard systems operation of small satellites based on general logical-probabilistic method



Enhancing demisability without sacrificing performance: material selection for the case study of reaction wheels in the framework of design for demise

GrailQuest and HERMES: hunting for gravitational wave electromagnetic counterparts and probing space-time quantum foam

Universal Verification Platform and Star Simulator for Fast Star Tracker Design

Drag augmentation systems for space debris mitigation

Threat Data Generation for Space Systems

A Reconfigurable Multi-Modal SDR Transceiver for CubeSats

Special issue on selected papers from CEPC 2020

Small Satellite Orbit Determination Methods Based on the Doppler Measurements by Belarusian State University Ground Station

Unsolved issues of compliance with the registration convention

Miniature 4-Element MIMO Antenna System Designed From Transparent Glass Substrate and Aluminum Foil Radiator

Security issues in space-based operations: the need to control the orbit´s overpopulation to ensure a safe access and use of space

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Launch from the ISS

Design of Software-Defined Radio-Based Adaptable Packet Communication System for Small Satellites

Planar Quasi-End-Fire Antenna Design using SIW Technology for CubeSats and Other Small Satellites

Optimized Design of Embedded Air Coil for Small Satellites with Various Dimensions

Airborne GNSS-R: A Key Enabling Technology for Environmental Monitoring

Three Dimensional Phased Array Antenna for Communications with Satellite Constellations

Design of random vibration test condition for small satellite optical camera

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Design and characterisation of a bi-modal solar thermal propulsion and power system for small satellites

Design and demonstration of a micro air-fed magnetoplasmadynamic thruster for small satellites

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A Wideband Circularly Polarized Stacked Antenna with Corner Perturbations for CubeSats

Small-Satellite Attitude Consensus on SO(3) Using Continuous But Only Piecewise-Continuously Differentiable Sinusoidal Controls

Space Biology Research and Biosensor Technologies: Past, Present, and Future †

Multi-Disciplinary Design Optimization for Relative Navigation in Non-cooperative Rendezvous

GNSS-Reflectometry Activities on the DoT-1 Microsatellite in Preparation for the Hydrognss Mission

AIDAA News #10

Two-Step Algorithm for Sea Surface Temperature Determination

First demonstration of collision avoidance and orbit control for pico-satellites — UWE-4

A Novel Approach for Pivot-based Sensor Fusion of Small Satellites

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Orbit Design for Satellite Formations devoted to Space Environment Measurements

Thermal Design and Verification of Spherical Scientific Satellite Q-SAT

A Rapid Target Searching Scheme for a Small Satellite with Device Limits

Towards a Digital Twin Enabled Multifidelity Framework for Small Satellites

Orbit Verification of Small Sat Constellations

On-Chip-Antennas: Next Milestone in the Big World of Small Satellites—A Survey of Potentials, Challenges, and Future Directions

Neptune Odyssey: A Flagship Concept for the Exploration of the Neptune–Triton System

On formation flying in low earth mirrored orbits — A case study

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Small Satellites 소형 위성

Small Satellites 소형 위성
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