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Generalized Discontinuous PWM strategy applied to a grid-connected Modular Multilevel Converter

Optimizing Location of Car-Sharing Stations Based on Potential Travel Demand and Present Operation Characteristics: The Case of Chengdu

Femtosecond laser-contoured micro-strain gages

Ab Initio Computation of Rotationally-Averaged Pump-Probe X-ray and Electron Diffraction Signals.

A Deep Reinforcement Learning Network for Traffic Light Cycle Control

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Model-Free Based Automated Trajectory Optimization for UAVs toward Data Transmission

Thermal field measurements of heat sinks through a novel three-dimensional method based on acoustic waves

Estimation and spatial mapping of seismicity parameters in western Himalaya, central Himalaya and Indo-Gangetic plain

Diagnosis of Unbalanced and Open-Circuited Faults in 3-phase Uncontrolled Rectifier as a part of the Grid-tied Wind turbine

Matching Algorithm of Statistical Optimization Feature Based on Grid Method

Detecting Cooling Effect of Landscape Composition and Configuration: An Urban Heat Island Study on Hangzhou

Vehicle demand evolution analysis from the complex network perspective

Natural Disasters and Regional Development - the Case of Earthquakes

Analysis of an energy storage sizing for grid-connected photovoltaic system

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Performance analysis of DC/DC bidirectional converter with sliding mode and pi controller

Using Cellular Automata for Grid-Based Fishery Management

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Small Grid 작은 그리드

Small Grid 작은 그리드
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