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Optimization of Photoelectron In-Situ Sensing Device in FD-SOI

Optimization of photoelectron in-situ sensing device in FD-SOI

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Three-dimensional cell-adhesive matrix of silk cocoon derived carbon fiber assembled with iron-porphyrin for monitoring cell released signal molecules

Laser induced graphene for in situ damage sensing in aramid fiber reinforced composites

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Hydrothermal Energy Transfer and Organic Carbon Production at the Deep Seafloor

Oil spill modeling: computational tools, analytical frameworks, and emerging technologies

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An Unmanned Lighter-Than-Air Platform for Large Scale Land Monitoring

Design and implementation of the control unit for DIC measurement system

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Electric Machine Bearing Health Monitoring and Ball Fault Detection by Simultaneous Thermo-Mechanical Fibre Optic Sensing

In situ generated chromophore as the indicator for background-free sensing strategy of hydrazine with high sensitivity with in vitro and in vivo applications.

Adverse loading effects on tribocorrosive degradation of 28 mm metal-on-metal hip replacement bearings

Development of the Multi-Material Inspection for Closed-Loop Rapid Optimization (MICRO) Sensor for Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing of Metal-Polymer Composite Inks

Metal-matrix composites embedded with piezoelectric PVDF sensors using ultrasonic additive manufacturing

In-situ measurement and monitoring methods for metal powder bed fusion: an updated review

Low-cost In-ground Soil Moisture Sensing with Radar Backscatter Tags

Monte Carlo Predictions of Aero-Engine Performance Degradation Due to Particle Ingestion

Contrastive Study of In Situ Sensing and Swabbing Detection Based on SERS-Active Gold Nanobush-PDMS Hybrid Film.

Intelligent Patches for Wound Management: In Situ Sensing and Treatment.

Classical-Noise-Free Measurement by High-Order Quantum Correlations

In-situ Capacitance Sensing for the Settlement of Magnetorheological Fluid: Simulation and Experiments

Upgrading of diesel engine exhaust waste into onion-like carbon nanoparticles for integrated degradation sensing in nano-biocomposites

In-vacuum active colour sensor and wireless communication across a vacuum-air interface

In-situ Quality Monitoring of Extrusion-based Additive Manufacturing via Random Forests and clustering

Precision Spherical Nucleic Acids Enable Sensitive FEN1 Imaging and Controllable Drug Delivery for Cancer-Specific Therapy.

In situ food-borne pathogen sensors in a nanoconfined space by surface enhanced Raman scattering

In-Situ Sensing of Underwater Gas Releases

Detecting river-scale turbidity disturbance after rainfall using NEXt-Generation Weather RADar (NEXRAD) and the Intelligent River

Machine-learning reprogrammable metasurface imager

Tuning the properties of functional adhesives with hybrid nanofillers for structural health monitoring

Highly replicated sampling reveals no diurnal vertical migration but stable species-specific vertical habitats in planktonic foraminifera

Optical gas sensing properties of gold-nanoparticle incorporated LSTO films at high temperature

Fingerprints mapping and biochemical sensing on smartphone by electrochemiluminescence

In situ photoacoustic measurement of soot profiles in laminar flames using a high-repetition-rate pulsed fibre laser

Logic Sensing of MicroRNA in Living Cells Using DNA-Programmed Nanoparticle Network with High Signal Gain.

Photothermally generated bubble on fiber (BoF) for precise sensing and control of liquid flow along a microfluidic channel.

Managing coverage holes in IoT monitoring sensor networks

Adaptation and performance assessment of a quantum and interband cascade laser spectrometer for simultaneous airborne in situ observation of CH 4 , C 2 H 6 , CO 2 , CO and N 2 O

Plasmonic Microneedle Arrays for in situ Sensing with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS).

Turn-On Fluorescence Probe for Nitric Oxide Detection and Bioimaging in Live Cells and Zebrafish.

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Theranostic nanocomplex of gold-decorated upconversion nanoparticles for optical imaging and temperature-controlled photothermal therapy

Magnetic Sensing inside a Diamond Anvil Cell via Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Spins

Ratiometric two-photon fluorescent probe for in situ imaging of carboxylesterase (CE)-mediated mitochondrial acidification during medication.

HapSense: A Soft Haptic I/O Device with Uninterrupted Dual Functionalities of Force Sensing and Vibrotactile Actuation

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Situ Sensing 사이트 감지

Situ Sensing 사이트 감지
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