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Ternary transition metal gallides with TiNiSi, ZrBeSi and MgZn2-type structure

Rare-earth solid-state NMR spectroscopy of intermetallic compounds: The case of the 175Lu isotope.

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Crystallochemical Design of Huntite-Family Compounds

Thermolysis of Hydrated Antimony Pentoxide

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Low temperature formation of copper rich silicides

A first principles calculation of site occupancy of the B2 phase in Ti2AlX (X=V, Cr, Fe, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf and Re) intermetallics

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Structure and Spin-Glass Magnetism of the MnxNi2Zn11–x Pseudobinary γ-Brasses at Low Mn Contents

Incorporation of Ti into the crystal structures of the high-pressure dense silicates anhydrous phase B and superhydrous phase B

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In situ Structure of Rotavirus VP1 RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase.

In situ structure of rotavirus VP1 RNA-dependent RNA polymerase

Quantitative Atomic-Site Analysis of Functional Dopants/Point Defects in Crystalline Materials by Electron-Channeling-Enhanced Microanalysis.

First-principles study on site occupancies and excitation spectra of Na3LuSi2O7:Ce3+

Photoluminescence tuning in Ba3ScB3O9:Eu2+ phosphor by crystal-site engineering

Coke formation during high-temperature CO2 electrolysis over AFeO3 (A = La/Sr) cathode: Effect of A-site metal segregation

Structural systematics of SFCA-I type solid-solutions in the system CaO–Fe2O3–FeO–Al2O3

In situ high-temperature behaviour of fluor-elbaite: breakdown conditions and products

Site Occupancy Studies and Luminescence Properties of Emission Tunable Phosphors Ca9La(PO4)7:Re (Re = Ce3+, Eu2+).

Structure, site occupancies, and luminescence properties of Ca10M(PO4)7: Ce3+ (M = Li, Na, K) phosphors

The thermoresponsive behaviour of Nasicon-like CuTi2(PO4)3

A study of possible extra-framework cation ordering in Pbca leucite structures with stoichiometry RbCsX2+Si5O12 (X = Mg, Ni, Cd)

Structural and proton conductivity study of BaZr1-xRExO3-δ(RE = Dy, Sm) ceramics for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte

Magnetic properties of ZnxFe3−xO4 nanoparticles: A competition between the effects of size and Zn doping level

The T phase with the V6Si5 type structure in the Mo-Si-Ti system studied by ab initio calculations and X-ray diffraction

High-temperature Fe oxidation coupled with redistribution of framework cations in lobanovite, K2Na(Fe2+4Mg2Na)Ti2(Si4O12)2O2(OH)4 - the first titanosilicate case.

Tourmaline records the hydrothermal events related to Zn-Pb mineralization around the Murguía diapir (Basque Cantabrian Basin, N Spain)

Description of terminal substitutional solid solutions using the sublattice model

Local structure study of Hf dopants in Zr2Pd and ZrPd2 intermetallics

Understanding the origin of the magneto-caloric effects in substitutional Ni-Mn-Sb-Z (Z=Fe, Co, Cu) compounds: insights from first-principles calculations

Molybdenum Carbide: Controlling the Geometric and Electronic Structure of Noble Metals for the Activation of O-H and C-H Bonds.

Structure-property correlations, defect driven magnetism and anomalous temperature dependence of magnetic coercivity in PbTi1-xFexO3 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.5) systems.

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Site Occupancies 부지 점유

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