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Recent advances in 3d-4f magnetic complexes with several types of non-carboxylate organic ligands

Slow Relaxation of the Magnetization in a {Co IIIMn III} Heterometallic Brick-Wall Network

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Investigation of correlation between phase transformations and changes in structural, dynamic, magnetic and dielectric properties of hexakis-DMSO cobalt (II) complex

Octahedral erbium and ytterbium ion encapsulated in phosphorescent iridium complexes showing field-induced magnetization relaxation

Terahertz Magneto-Optical Excitations of the sd-Hybrid States of Lithium Nitridocobaltate Li2(Li1-xCox)N.

A high-performance dysprosium(III) single-ion magnet with quasi-Oh symmetry

Enhancing the energy barrier and hysteresis temperature in two benchtop-stable Ho(III) single-ion magnets.

Single-Ion Anisotropy and Intramolecular Interactions in CeIII and NdIII Dimers

Magnetic investigations of monocrystalline [Co(NCS)2(L)2]n: new insights into single-chain relaxations.

A seven-coordinated DyIII single-ion magnet with C2v symmetry constructed by a multidentate Schiff-base ligand

Slow Magnetic Relaxation in {[CoCxAPy)] 2.15 H2O}n MOF Built from Ladder-Structured 2D Layers with Dimeric SMM Rungs

Controlling Magnetic Anisotropy in a Zero-Dimensional S = 1 Magnet Using Isotropic Cation Substitution

Possible Magnetic Structure with a Tilted Helical Plane in SmBe13 Probed by 9Be-NMR Study

A cobalt (II)-based semiconductor complex with two-channel slow magnetic relaxation

Trigonal Planar Iron(II) and Cobalt(II) Complexes Containing [RS(NtBu)3]n- (R = NtBu, n = 2; CH2PPh2, n = 1) as Acute Bite-Angle Chelating Ligands: Soft P Donor Proves Beneficial to Magnetic Co Species.

A new class of DyIII-SIMs associated with a guanidine-based ligand.

Crystal structure, infrared luminescence and magnetic properties of Tm3+-doped and Tm3+-, Dy3+-codoped BaY2Ge3O10 germanates

Iron(II), Cobalt(II), and Nickel(II) Complexes of Bis(sulfonamido)benzenes: Redox Properties, Large Zero-Field Splittings, and Single-Ion Magnets.

The anisotropy of the internal magnetic field on the central ion is capable of imposing great impact on the quantum tunneling of magnetization of Kramers single-ion magnets.

Building-up host-guest helicate motifs and chains: a magneto-structural study of new field-induced cobalt-based single-ion magnets.

Easy-plane to easy-axis anisotropy switching in a Co(ii) single-ion magnet triggered by the diamagnetic lattice

Slow Relaxation of the Magnetization in Anilato-Based Dy(III) 2D Lattices

Microscopic theory of the specific absorption rate for self-controlled magnetic hyperthermia

Record High Magnetic Anisotropy in Three-Coordinate MnIII and CrII Complexes: A Theoretical Perspective.

Solid-state versus solution investigation of a luminescent chiral BINOL-derived bisphosphate single-molecule magnet

Three Dy(iii) single-ion magnets bearing the tropolone ligand: structure, magnetic properties and theoretical elucidation.

Superposition model in electron magnetic resonance spectroscopy – a primer for experimentalists with illustrative applications and literature database

Deciphering the influence of structural distortions on the uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of pentagonal bipyramidal Ni(ii) complexes.

Mössbauer Spectroscopy of Triphylite (LiFePO4) at Low Temperatures

Unique magnetic behaviour of coexistence of single ion magnet and spin crossover

DFT study of itinerant ferromagnetism in p-doped monolayers of MoS2

Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of a series of luminescent lanthanide complexes containing neutral tetradentate phenanthroline-amide ligands

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Single Ion Magnet 단일 이온 자석
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