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Single Input Single Output sentence examples within multiple input multiple

Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO Diffusive Molecular Communication

An Optimal Approach for Maximizing the Sum Rate

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within input multi output

H∞ dynamic observer-based fuzzy integral sliding mode control with input magnitude and rate constraints

Implementation of D&F Relay Node for Cooperative MIMO Systems through SDR platform

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within input single output

A novel tensor-information bottleneck method for multi-input single-output applications

Experimental Study of the Effects of Antenna Crosstalk on the Linearity and Efficiency of 5G Sub-6 GHz Wideband 2 × 2 Transmitter Arrays

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Single Input Single Output sentence examples within sliding mode control

Experimental validation of optimized fast terminal sliding mode control for level system.

Stability Analysis for Mamdani-Type Integral Fuzzy-based Sliding Mode Control of Systems under Persistent Disturbances

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within linear time invariant

Robust Pole Assignment in a Problem of State Observer-based Modal Control

Signal-to-Noise Ratio Feedback Constraint for Non-Zero Mean Noise Processes

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within input multiple output

MIMO FSO system using Gamma-Exponential channel model

Enhancement of Bit Error Rate Performance of Wideband System Using Principal Component Analysis by Extraction of Strongest Multi-path

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within strict feedback form

Robust adaptive fuzzy control for a class of uncertain nonaffine nonlinear systems with unknown control directions

Fuzzy adaptive output-feedback tracking control for nonlinear strict-feedback systems in prescribed finite time

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within single input multiple

Millimeter wave channel characteristics of outdoor microcellular based on improved ray tracing method and BP neural network algorithm

Impact of Propagation Path Loss by Varying BTS Height and Frequency for Combining Multiple Path Loss Approaches in Macro-Femto Environment

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within orthogonal frequency division

Artificial Noise Design in Time Domain for Indoor SISO DCO-OFDM VLC Wiretap Systems

Deterministic Pilot Design and Channel Estimation for Downlink Massive MIMO-OTFS Systems in Presence of the Fractional Doppler

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within adaptive output feedback

Fuzzy adaptive dynamic surface control for strict-feedback nonlinear systems with unknown control gain functions

Adaptive output feedback fault tolerant control for uncertain nonlinear systems based on actuator switching

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within Two Single Input Single Output

Effect of Shifting Gate Pulse on CCM/DCM Boundary in Coupled SIDO Boost Converter

A comprehensive decoupling active disturbance rejection control for a gas flow facility

Single Input Single Output sentence examples within single input single output system

Kalman Filter-Smoothed Random Walk Based Centralized Controller for Multi-Input Multi-Output Processes

On Grid Modeling for Stability Assessment of Droop Voltage Control

Modular-Based PV System with Contactless Capacitive Power Transfer Interface

Internal model control design based on approximation of linear discrete dynamical systems

Massive distributed IRS aided wireless communication with ON/OFF selection

Sparse and Decoupling Control Strategies Based on Takagi–Sugeno Fuzzy Models

Experimental and numerical studies on free vibration of CFRP laminate with cutout

MIMO-employed coherent photonic-radar (MIMO-Co-PHRAD) for detection and ranging

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Configuration and Deployment in Three-dimensional Scenarios

Structure-Preserving Interpolation of Bilinear Control Systems

A Min–Max Closed-Loop PLL-GSPWM for Circulating Leakage Currents Attenuation in PV Station

Systematic Optimization of Multiple-Output DC Distribution Architectures

Pulse Index Modulation

Precoder Design and Power Allocation for Downlink MIMO-NOMA via Simultaneous Triangularization

Coverage Probability and Ergodic Capacity of Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Enhanced Communication Systems

Joint rate maximization of downlink and uplink in NOMA SWIPT systems

Decentralized Control of Multi-Input Multi-Output Processes Using Effective Transfer Function Method

Uplink and Downlink MIMO-NOMA With Simultaneous Triangularization

Yaw Rate and Sideslip Angle Control Through Single Input Single Output Direct Yaw Moment Control

Modeling of rotating machinery: A novel frequency sweep system identification approach

Three controllers via 2nd-order sliding mode for leader-following formation control of multi-robot systems

Time–Frequency-Analysis-Based Blind Modulation Classification for Multiple-Antenna Systems

General Dynamic Neural Networks for the Adaptive Tuning of an Omni-Directional Drive System for Reactive Swarm Robotics

Data-Driven Feedforward Control Design and Input Shaping Techniques for Multi Actuator Drives

Recursive SISO Impedance Modeling of Single-Phase Voltage Source Rectifiers

Multi-Input MultiOutput Model-Following Control Design Methods for Rotorcraft

Modeling-free inversion-based iterative feedforward control for piezoelectric actuators

Simultaneous stable control of temperature field distribution uniformity and consistency for multi-temperature zone systems

Iterative Method for Tuning Multiloop PID Controllers Based on Single Loop Robustness Specifications in the Frequency Domain

A Systematic Optimization Design of New Constrained Robust Model Predictive Fault-Tolerant Control for Industrial Processes

Optimal robust adaptive fuzzy backstepping control of electro-hydraulic servo position system

Impedance Characteristic Analysis and Reshaping Method of DFIG System Based on DPC Without PLL

Input Admittance Modeling and Passivity-Based Stabilization of Digitally Current-Controlled Grid-Connected Converters

Principle and Topology Derivation of Single-Inductor Multi-Input Multi-Output DC–DC Converters

Visible Light Communication with Input-Dependent Noise: Channel Estimation, Optimal Receiver Design and Performance Analysis

Principles of Multiple Input Multiple Output Transmission

Transmission System with Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

MISO Control System for Noise Reduction in 3-D Enclosures Using PZT Actuators

Joint PHY/MAC Layer AN-Assisted Security Scheme in SVD-Based MIMO HARQ system

Parameter Estimation and an Extended Predictive-Based Tuning Method for a Lab-Scale Distillation Column

Estimation of Power System Inertia Using System Identification

A slope seeking-based approach for optimal and sub-optimal SISO process control: Application to microalgae culture

One-shot blind identification of LTI systems

Channel Capacity of Single-User Transmission Systems

Design of PI Controller for Consistency of Stock in Paper Machine Headbox using Particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO)

Research on the Security of SISOMR Wireless Channel with Artificial Noise

Design of Model Predictive Control of Multivariable Time-delay Plants Using Interactor Matrix

Parametric Robust Control of the Multivariable 2 × 2 Looper System in Steel Hot Rolling: A Comparison between Multivariable QFT and H∞

BER Analysis of a Multi-Hop Decode and Forward PLC System Affected by Rayleigh Fading and Middleton Class A Channel Noise

Design and Analysis of the Voltage Controller for the Non Isolated Boost DC-DC Convertor

Performance Analysis of MIMO Visible Light Based V2V Communications

A Novel Multi-user Spatial Modulation-based Code Division Multiple Access Scheme

SISO Intuitionistic Fuzzy Systems: IF- ${t}$ -Norm, IF- ${R}$ -Implication, and Universal Approximators

A Battery Energy Storage System Assisted EV Charger Based on a Three Port DCDC Converter

Investigate the Dominating Factor of Hybrid SWIPT Protocol by Performance Analysis of the Far User of Hybrid SWIPT based CNOMA Downlink Transmission

An Approach to Control SISO Disturbed Time-Delay Processes

Performance analysis of co-operative MIMO channel over sensor control networks

Detection of slowly rotating n = 1 mode with signal compensation for an externally perturbed field in the KSTAR tokamak

An improved generalized predictive control algorithm based on the difference equation CARIMA model for the SISO system with known strong interference

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a MIMO-VLC System for Data Transmissions

Multi-Parallel Sending Coils for Movable Receivers in Inductive Charging Systems

Performance of SIMO System under Time Varying Wireless Channel using Partial CSI

Indirect adaptive fuzzy control of non-linear systems using fuzzy supervisory term

Impedance Modeling and Stability Analysis of DFIG System based on Direct Power Control without PLL

Learning Based Spectrum Hole Detection for Cognitive Radio Communication

Experimental Study of MIMO Through the Wall Radar using Vector Network Analyzer

Multiuser/MIMO Doubly Selective Fading Channel Estimation using TM training and CE-BEM

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Single Input Single Output 단일 입력 단일 출력

Single Input Single Output 단일 입력 단일 출력
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