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Simulation of forest evapotranspiration based on Attention-LSTM model

0D/1D Thermo-Fluid Dynamic Modeling Tools for the Simulation of Driving Cycles and the Optimization of IC Engine Performances and Emissions

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A regime view of future atmospheric circulation changes in northern mid-latitudes

Aligning the harvesting year in global gridded crop model simulations with that in census reports is pivotal to national-level model performance evaluations for rice

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Reverberation signal simulation method in real-time sonar systems

Enhanced Computation Performance of Photovoltaic Models for Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

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The Leaning Tower of Pasta: Lessons in Team Performance and Creativity From a Core Surgical Training Boot Camp Design Challenge.

Computational Efficiency Analysis of SiC MOSFET Models in SPICE: Dynamic Behavior

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Towards a Framework for High-Performance Simulation of Livestock Disease Outbreak: A Case Study of Spread of African Swine Fever in Vietnam

Online Cycle Detection for Models with Mode-Dependent Input and Output Dependencies

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River parametrisation of the JULES land surface model for improved runoff routing at the global scale.

Collaborative execution of fluid flow simulation using non-uniform decomposition on heterogeneous architectures

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Uncertainty analysis for integrated water system simulations using GLUE with different acceptability thresholds

Stepwise prediction of runoff using proxy data in a small agricultural catchment

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Research on Evaluation Method of Image Blending Based Image Simulation

Performance Analysis of Drone-type Base Station on the mmWave According to Radio Resource Management Policy

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Robust Estimation and Tests for Parameters of Some Nonlinear Regression Models

A Cross-Layer Predictive and Preemptive Routing Protocol for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Using the Lagrange Interpolation

Simulation Performance sentence examples within simulation performance analysi

Application of Intelligent Modeling Method to Optimize the Multiple Quality Characteristics of the Injection Molding Process of Automobile Lock Parts

OFDM signal down frequency conversion based on a SOA-MZI sampling mixer using differential modulation and switching architectures

A review on methodology in O3-NOx-VOC sensitivity study.

Development of a double-layer EPS-ASM2d model to illustrate the effect on mainstream biological phosphorus system in side-stream phosphorus recovery process.

Design and Motion Simulation of an Underwater Glider in the Vertical Plane

SCCO: A State-Caching-Based Coagulation Platform for Cybor-Physical Power System Evaluation

Evaluation Method of Training Simulation on Biological Models for Cardiovascular Surgery Residents

Human Tissues Parameters and Resolution for Accurate Simulations of Wearable Antennas

Optimal placement of distributed generation based on DISCO’s additional benefit using self adaptive levy flight based black widow optimization

Performance of SUBSTOR model on growth and yield of potato varieties under different planting dates in a sub-tropical environment

Improvements of ADAM3 by Incorporating New Dust Emission Reduction Formulations Based on Real-Time MODIS NDVI

Use of wearable physiological sensors to predict cognitive workload in a visuospatial learning task.

Saving patient x: A quasi-experimental study of teamwork and performance in simulation following an interprofessional escape room.

Optimization of Irregular NB QC-LDPC Block Codes over Small Alphabets

MADES: A Unified Framework for Integrating Agent-Based Simulation with Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning


DCQSH: Dynamic Conflict-Free Query Scheduling in Heterogeneous Networks during Emergency

Hydraulic transient modeling and analysis of the district heating network

Population pharmacokinetic model of subcutaneous fentanyl in older acute care patients.

Do Predictor Exams Really Predict Readiness for Professional Nursing Practice?

Heat Transfer Modeling and Oven Temperature Curve Optimization of Integrated Circuit Board Reflow Soldering

Optimizing the soil conservation service curve number model by accounting for rainfall characteristics: a case study of surface water sources in Beijing

Human Tissues Parameters and Resolution for Accurate Simulations of Wearable Antennas

Evaluating performances of one-year simulation by using 3.5 km mesh global nonhydrostatic model

Flow-Py v1.0: A customizable, open-source simulation tool to estimate runout and intensity of gravitational mass flows

Development of the UKESM-TOPAZ Earth System Model (Version 1.0) and Preliminary Evaluation of its Biogeochemical Simulations

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Simulação realística no contexto da Educação Interprofissional

Experimental and numerical investigation on Q690 high strength steel beam-columns under cyclic lateral loading about weak axis

Improved Streamflow Calibration of a Land Surface Model by the Choice of Objective Functions—A Case Study of the Nakdong River Watershed in the Korean Peninsula

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Simulation Performance 시뮬레이션 성능

Simulation Performance 시뮬레이션 성능
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