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On the challenges of data provenance in the Internet of Things

Securing Smart Homes

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Smart Switching System Using Bluetooth Technology

Foldscope Image Enhancement in HSV Space by PSO Optimization Technique

Predicting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Risk: A Machine Learning Approach

Development of a Paper-Based Viscometer for Blood Plasma Using Colorimetric Analysis.

Athens Urban Soundscape (ATHUS): A Dataset for Urban Soundscape Quality Recognition

Clinical evaluation of smartphone-based fluorescence imaging for guidance and monitoring of ALA PDT

Multifunctional hand-held sensor using electronic components embedded in smartphones for quick PCR screening.

Mobile imaging platform for digital influenza virus counting.

Smartphone Based HD Map Building for Autonomous Vehicles

A ‘Smart-Bottle’ humidifier-assisted air-processed CuSCN inorganic hole extraction layer towards highly-efficient, large-area and thermally-stable perovskite solar cells

Will the RANZCP clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of anxiety disorders assist in making adequate treatment decisions for panic disorder?

Camera-based Occlusion Detection for Banknote Sorting

Smart Cabin: A Semantic-Based Framework for Indoor Comfort Customization Inside a Cruise Cabin

GestEar: combining audio and motion sensing for gesture recognition on smartwatches

Cardiac Triangle Mapping: A New Systems Approach for Noninvasive Evaluation of Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure

Gold nanostructures for the sensing of pH using a smartphone

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Simple Smart 심플 스마트

Simple Smart 심플 스마트
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