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Simple Route sentence examples within reduced graphene oxide

Highly sensitive detection of salvianic acid a drug by a novel electrochemical sensor based on HKUST-1 loaded on three-dimensional graphene-MWCNT composite.

High-performance ternary nickel-cobalt-manganese oxide nanoparticles-anchored reduced graphene oxide composite as Li-ion battery cathode: Simple preparation and comparative study

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An inner-electropolymerization method for preparing electrochromic devices with various shapes and a large size

Thermodynamics and multiferroicity in PbTiO 3 due to 4/5d electrons doping

A simple procedure for fabricating graphene or modified graphene polyaniline composites for supercapacitor application

Unveiling the role of novel biogenic functionalized CuFe hybrid nanocomposites in boosting anticancer, antimicrobial and biosorption activities

Acaricidal activity of strophanthidin derivatives against Psoroptes cuniculi and their inhibitory effect on Na+-K+-ATPase.

Unravelling the visible light-assisted catalytic prowess of an n–n type In2S3/CeO2 Z-scheme heterojunction towards organic and inorganic water pollution mitigation

Pentamethinium Salts Nanocomposite for Electrochemical Detection of Heparin

Rapid highly sensitive general protein quantification through on-chip chemiluminescence

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One-step hydrothermal synthesis of N-S-GQDs/Bi2S3 microrods with highly photocatalytic performance for Cr(VI) reduction

Enhancement of CO2 adsorption on natural zeolite, modified clinoptilolite with cations, amines and ionic liquids

Studying the effect of nHAP on the mechanical and surface properties of PBS matrix

Carbon wrapped bimetallic NiCo nanospheres toward excellent HER and OER performance

Synthesis and Characterization of Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers Based on Benzodipyrrolidone

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Biomass-derived versatile activated carbon removes both heavy metals and dye molecules from wastewater with near-unity efficiency: Mechanism and kinetics.

Scalable solid-phase synthesis of defect-rich graphene for oxygen reduction electrocatalysis

Compact CW and Passively Q-Switched Pr,Mg:SRA Lasers at 643 and 622 nm

Differences in ITO Surfaces According to the Formation of Aromatic Rings and Aliphatic Self-Assembled Monolayers for Organic Light-Emitting Diode Applications

Boron carbon oxyphosphide heterostructured nanodots with phosphate tunable emission for switchable dual detection channels of 6-mercaptopurine assay.

On the Equivalence of the Biological Effect Induced by Irradiation of Clusters of Heavy Atom Nanoparticles and Homogeneous Heavy Atom-Water Mixtures

Highly efficient synthesis of 2-substituted benzo[b]furan derivatives from the cross-coupling reactions of 2-halobenzo[b]furans with organoalane reagents

Maximizing the Catalytic Performance of Pd@AuxPd1-x Nanocubes in H2O2 Production by Reducing Shell Thickness to Increase Compositional Stability.

Triphenylphosphine-Assisted Transformation of NiS to Ni2P through a Solvent-Less Pyrolysis Route: Synthesis and Electrocatalytic Performance.

Synthesis of Fe3O4@copper(II) imidazolate nanoparticles: Catalytic activity of modified graphite screen printed electrode for the determination of levodopa in presence of melatonin

Rational design of iron single atom anchored on nitrogen doped carbon as a high-performance electrocatalyst for all-solid-state flexible zinc-air batteries

Cu(I) Reducibility Controls Ethylene vs Ethanol Selectivity on (100)-Textured Copper during Pulsed CO2 Reduction.

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Mechanism investigation of high performance Na3V2(PO4)2O2F/reduced graphene oxide cathode for sodium-ion batteries

Photocurrent improvement from magnetron DC sputtered and thermally treated ruthenium-based catalyst decoration onto BiVO4 photoanodes

Montmorillonite stabilized chitosan-co-mucin hydrogel for tissue engineering applications

A Simple Route of Printing Explosive Crystalized Micro-Patterns by Using Direct Ink Writing

Crystalline Gold nanoparticles adjusted by carboxymethyl cellulose and citrate salt: Fabrication, characterization, and in vitro anticancer activity

Wireless bipolar electrode-based textile electrofluidics: towards novel micro-total-analysis systems.

Trace-Level Detection of Explosive Molecules with Triangular Silver Nanoplates-Based SERS Substrates

Chemically Processed Metal Oxides for Sensing Application: Heterojunction Room Temperature LPG Sensor

Effect of Mn/Nb heterovalent substitution on the electrocaloric response and energy storage performance of Ba(Sn, Ti)O3 relaxor-ferroelectrics

Facile synthesis of magnetic ionic liquids/gold nanoparticles/porous silicon composite SERS substrate for ultra-sensitive detection of arsenic

Tailoring NIR-II photoluminescence of single thiolated Au25 nanoclusters by selective binding to proteins

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Magnetic stirring assisted hydrothermal synthesis of Na3MnCO3PO4 cathode material for sodium-ion battery

Vacuum cold sprayed nanostructured La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3−δ as a high-performance cathode for porous metal-supported solid oxide fuel cells operating below 600 °C

Cyclic Poly(α-peptoid)s by Lithium bis(trimethylsilyl)amide (LiHMDS)-Mediated Ring-Expansion Polymerization: Simple Access to Bioactive Backbones.

Orientation of motion of a flat folding nano-swimmer in soft matter.

Incorporation of Dynamic Boronate Links and Ag Nanoparticles into PVA Hydrogels for pH-Regulated and Prolonged Release of Methotrexate

Implanting MnO into a three-dimensional carbon network as superior anode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Hydrothermally grown MoS2 quantum dots for electrocatalytic applications

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High surface area NiCoP nanostructure as efficient water splitting electrocatalyst for the oxygen evolution reaction

Efficient Sulfur Host Based on Yolk‐Shell Iron Oxide/Sulfide‐Carbon Nanospindles for Lithium‐Sulfur Batteries

Green Synthesis of ZnO/SnO2 Nanocomposites Using Pine Leaves and Their Application for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Media

Fabrication of BiVO4-Ni/Co3O4 photoanode for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting

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Flower-like Ni3S2 hollow microspheres as superior sulfur hosts for lithium-sulfur batteries

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Harnessing Mechanical Deformation to Reduce Spherical Aberration in Soft Lenses.

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