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Detecting Genetic Mobility Using a Transposon-Based Marker System in Gamma-Ray Irradiated Soybean Mutants

Enantioselective determination of phenthoate enantiomers in plant-origin matrices using reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.

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Immunobiotechnological methods for the determination of antibiotics in food

Nonenzymatic glucose detection using Au nanodots decorated Cu2O nanooctahedrons

Structure, morphology and absorption characteristics of gold nanoparticles produced via PLAL method: Role of low energy X-ray dosage

Development and validation of a sensitive reversed phase HPLC method to determine total, free drug and encapsulation efficiency of cytotoxic Nano pharmaceutical

Development, validation of QuEChERS-based method for simultaneous determination of multiclass pesticide residue in milk, and evaluation of the matrix effect

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Simple Rapid 단순 신속

Simple Rapid 단순 신속
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